Technology: The pros and cons

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Technology: The pros and cons

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Tendai Mukonori, Form 3 Riversdale High, Chivhu)
At the beginning of the 17th century, noone believed that one would fly across seas. All dreams became reality due to technology. The technological advances are mainly in the educational, engineering and science sectors. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.

There are technological advancements in science and the agricultural sector. Nowadays, there are many fertilizers as compared to the yesteryears. People used to put droppings of cattle, goats and hens but now you can only use compound fertilizers such as Compound A, B, C or D and single nutrient fertilizers such as Super Phosphate and Amonium Nitrate.

There are also some tractors which are used for mass production. In the engineering sector there are triangular shaped trusses due to technology or compressional and tensional forces.

In the educational sector there is e-learning which allows people to learn from the comfort of their homes.
These are the positive effects of technology.

There is mass production in which goods are produced in large quantities. A huge beverage company produces an average of one million bottles of drinks a day. Hunger has largely been reduced by technology.

Nowadays there are very few cases children suffering from kwashiokor. The disease is now common in less technologically advanced countries such as Somalia.

Some people are now living longer due to standardized medicines. People go to clinics and hospitals and are given standard medication which suits their illnesses.

However, there are negative effects of technology. People are now eating many genetically modified foods commonly known as GMOs which contain harmful substances. In South Africa, for instance, a bird takes about two weeks to mature which is not very good for himan consumption.

Nowadays, people have many eyesight problems resulting in them wearing spectacles. Let’s take, for instance, a child who is in the United States having an eyesight problem and then has his or her own notes from form 1 to 6 in a laptop. What would that chiild do to avoid the problem of having his or her eyes being exposed to light? Nothing except to rewrite his or her notes. That would be impossible.

There are many threats in the world posed by highly technologically advanced countries. For example, big European nations have threatened to drop a nuclear bombs in rival countries because technology has enabled them to manufacture weapons of mass destruction.
But generally, we should improve our technological advancements in our society so that we can have a better life.

This prepared speech was delivered at the Chikomba District Public Speaking (Senior) Competitions held at Daramombe High School on the 26th of June 2015 by Tendai Mukonori (Form 3 Student at Riversdale Secondary School, Featherstone, Chivhu)
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