Tasty oxtail stew coated in spiced flour

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Tasty oxtail stew coated in spiced flour

The Sunday Mail

I once had a lengthy but definitely interesting chat with my beloved grandmother on Zimbabwean dishes. I learnt quite a lot from her, especially on preparing oxtail. Below is one of her recipes.


◆ 550g oxtail;

◆ One-and-a-quarter cup plain flour;

◆ One teaspoon whole coriander;

◆ Two teaspoons curry powder;

◆ Two teaspoons turmeric;

◆ Two cloves garlic, chopped;

◆ One teaspoon salt;

◆ Oil for frying;

◆ Two plus litres water;

◆ One tablespoon Worcestershire sauce;

◆ Half medium onion, chopped;

◆ One large tomato, chopped;

◆ Two medium carrots, cubed;

◆ One or two eggs.


Apparatus needed

◆ Heavy base pot; heavy base frying pan; wooden spoon; chopping board; sharp knife; small bowl; wide dinner plate; measuring cup (standard 250ml measuring cup/teacup); teaspoon; and slotted spoon/tongs.


  1. Prepare your 550g oxtail, one-and-a-quarter cup plain flour, one teaspoon whole coriander, two curry powder, two teaspoons turmeric, one teaspoon salt, two cloves of garlic, chopped, oil for frying, two-plus litres water, one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce, half medium onion, chopped, one large tomato, chopped and two medium carrots, cubed.

Beat the egg into a small bowl. Add spices and salt to the flour to season it.

  1. Dip each piece of oxtail into the beaten egg, then into the seasoned flour.

Place the coated oxtail pieces into the wide dinner plate.

  1. Heat oil in pan. Add the coated oxtail.

Fry until golden brown.

  1. When the golden brown colour on the meat has been achieved, put in a good-sized heavy-based pot.
  2. Add water.

Close pot and let it gently simmer for a good nine hours or until the meat easily falls off the bone.

  1. In the meantime, as the oxtail is cooking, when it nears its nine-hour cooking time, chop onion, tomatoes, carrots and garlic for the gravy.
  2. Heat oil in same pan used earlier, fry onions and carrots for about three minutes.
  3. Add tomatoes and Worcestershire sauce.

Fry until the tomatoes are cooked through (another three minutes).

Add a bit of water and simmer for a further two minutes.

  1. When the oxtail is cooked, pour the gravy into the pot.

Add a bit more water until you get the consistency you want for the gravy.

Close pot and let it gently simmer again for another 10 minutes.

Just giving room for the flavours to marry.

Enjoy your dish. — zimbokitchen.

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