Tamy ventures into acting

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Tamy ventures into acting

The Sunday Mail

Chelsea Moyo
AFRO-POP star Thamsanga “Tamy” Moyo is set to star in a local film.

Award-winning filmmaker, Sydney Taivavashe, recently announced the addition of Tamy as part of their cast for the film “Gonarezhou”.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Society, the young songstress said she was overjoyed.

“I am really excited to be part of something of this magnitude. I am excited about my role but also nervous because any work I do serves as a challenge to my growth,” said Tamy.

The main objective of the film is to raise awareness on cruel acts against wildlife in Africa, with a purpose to instil a sense of responsibility in those who might be considering poaching as a way to gain riches.

Tamy will play the role of a girl named Chipo, who fearlessly pursues her dreams of being a world star and famous singer, together with her lover. She is basically a small town girl with big dreams. Along the way, her boyfriend flips the script on her dreams and from there the drama begins.

The young diva spoke about how she landed the role.

“Well, the director of ‘Gonarezhou’, Sydney Taivavashe, had known about me as an artiste for some time, so he basically reached out and asked for an audition clip and from there he saw potential in me and I got the part.”

Tamy is also working on another short film “Goredema”, which is due for release in a few months’ time.

For Tamy, this is just the beginning of her acting career, one she plans to maintain in a bid to be like her idol, Beyoncé Knowles.

“To be honest I look forward to a lot more growth in my career and it means going out of my comfort zone. So in future when the opportunity presents itself, I would love to give it a shot a lot more,” said the singer.

The film is set to have a huge impact on the African society, especially as many countries are battling to eradicate poaching.

Said Tamy: “The message I would like to put across in the movie context is about social awareness on animal cruelty and its effect on wildlife communities at large.

“On a more character based context, I would like young people, both male and female, to be ruthless in their quest for success and not allow anyone to stand in their way or to be swayed in the wrong direction. One’s vision and goal is theirs despite who they think they share it with. It’s something personal and intrinsic.”

The doors of opportunities keep opening for 20-year-old Tamy. Just as she is finding her acting side, the young singer was selected as one of the few artistes to be part of a music compilation, “Evening of Love”. It is a grouping of talented artistes whose work has been selected by Muthaland Records.

“For me it really is an honour and a big platform bearing in mind that at some point the artistes on the compilation will share the stage.

“I get to meet some of Africa’s biggest names such as La Sauce, Samthing Soweto and Kelly Khumalo to mention but a few,” said Tamy .

From a break into the music scene at seven, sharing the stage with international artiste Joe Thomas, it seems nothing can stop this multi-talented young diva.

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