When gods serve mere mortals

6 months ago | August 19, 2018

When gods serve mere mortals

In a February 2017 article titled “The race to the political bottom”, Evan Solomon took a swipe at what he called US ...

Sanctions: No room for racial naïveté

Just days after the election in Zimbabwe, US president Donald Trump signed the amended sanctions law on Zimbabwe, the ...

8 months ago | June 17, 2018

Trump’s highly personal style of diplomacy

James Landale Donald Trump began his presidency as a reluctant traveller but he seems to be getting a taste for it.

10 months ago | May 6, 2018

2018: An opportunity for national restoration

We are at that point in the national political cycle when spaghetti roads are promised and people are told aircraft will ...

1 year ago | January 21, 2018

Stop whining about Donald Trump

Remember that the US Congress only agreed to remove Nelson Mandela from its terrorist list in June 2008, long after he ...

1 year ago | January 14, 2018

There is no case for sanctions

Wonder Munyanyi The primacy of diplomacy in international relations is universally acknowledged.

1 year ago | September 3, 2017

EDITORIAL COMMENT: VP Mnangagwa should stop watering dead plants

LET’S give it to US President Donald Trump — if he thinks anyone is his team is excess baggage and is becoming a ...