Tafadzwa’s pack of lies

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Tafadzwa’s pack of lies Tafadzwa

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Medical Doctor
Tafadzwa introduced herself as a medical doctor to Macheso when they first met in 2009.
As if that was not enough, Tafadzwa did not only lie to Macheso about her supposed medical profession but to some other people as well. In 2010, someone wanted to prove her claims of being a medical doctor (assumedly Nyadzisai) and Tafadzwa is said to have received a call from someone who claimed to have a sick relative and needed urgent attention at Chitungwiza Town Centre.
When she got there, she could not locate the patient and she made a call to establish where her supposed patient could be. She was told to visit a nearby home, where she was beaten up, instead.

First Lady’s close buddy
Tafadzwa reportedly told Macheso that she had close links with the First Lady.
In fact, Macheso used to receive a number of calls from people allegedly close to the First Lady, at times threatening him. It was only after the intervention of the wife of a high-ranking army officer that the calls stopped.

Macheso’s Manhood
It is difficult to discern who is telling the truth, Macheso or Tafadzwa, regarding the size of Macheso’s manhood. Whereas Macheso is saying Tafadzwa ridiculed him, in front of his family, as to his poor endowment, Tafadzwa is counter-arguing, saying she never said that. She contends that Macheso only brought up the issue at their round-table meeting. She claims not to have said anything in that regard. It is partly because of the nature of his poor endowment that Macheso is raising paternity issues, arguing his wife might have sought satisfaction elsewhere.

Not only is Tafadzwa’s marriage to Macheso her third trial in building a home for herself, she had also claimed to be childless when she met Macheso. When this publication visited Tafadzwa’s rural home in Nyanga (when their union became public information in 2010), her relatives revealed that Tafadzwa had given birth to a daughter with her first husband, Thomas Masiyiwa Matsapa, and the daughter was said to be attending school in Mutare. But when Tafadzwa gave birth to her second child with Macheso, the sungura musician was quoted as saying: “She had lived a long time from her previous marriage until we met without children and many were convinced that she is sterile but we met and now she has two kids,” said Macheso.

Back in her village, Tafadzwa is said to have spread rumours that she had linked Macheso with Akon such that Macheso was billed to have a duet with the American-based Senegalese superstar.

Tafadzwa claimed that she is a well-travelled businesswoman who was always in Dubai and the United States. However, in separate interviews, Tafadzwa has denied the claims.

Whilst the nation waits for the outcome of the DNA tests that will prove the paternity of the kids that are at the centre of their marital collapse, the Macheso camp is strongly convinced that Tafadzwa did not carry any of the two pregnancies.
The Macheso camp believes the first child belongs to Tafadzwa’s sister. Alick Junior was born on August 21 2011 weighing 3,1kg. As for the second child, the sungura musician’s camp is saying Macheso was informed of it two months into the pregnancy and five months later, she had given birth to a bouncing baby girl.

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