Suicide is not the answer

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Sadly, we continue to lose lives unnecessarily.

How is it possible that one can be so scared of a situation to a point of taking his or her life?

Granted, there are situations that put people in a pickle, but that should never be a reason to commit suicide. Life challenges are often exaggerated that they sometimes lead some to think of death as the only way out. However, this is not the case. No punishment or problem is worth losing one’s life. The fact that we sense danger each time we face a life-threatening situation means we all have a natural in-built protective intuition. This is meant to protect us, but somehow this intuition is sometimes ‘hacked’ or overwhelmed.

Suicide is when someone intentionally takes their own life. This usually happens during moments of intense mental pressure, depression and emotional stress.  Only a few people actually plan to end their own lives. Although some people might be tempted to think otherwise, most victims of suicide are driven by evil spirits. Science considers some of the demon-possessed people as psychiatric cases. Clearly, the demon that drives several people to commit suicide is called bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Those who are affected are usually diagnosed with mood swings, and this also includes hearing voices that command them to answer and do things against their will.

But, whichever way, demons are real! Say, one afternoon, a man unexpectedly arrives at his house from work. He confidently walks into his bedroom only to find his wife desecrating their matrimonial bed with a stranger. The rage, the violence and the subsequent meltdown is likely to shatter his faculties. In some circumstances, the aggrieved are overcome with rage that they murder the adulterous couple before committing suicide.  What a shame!

Not only is this grossly unreasonable, but it actually solves nothing. In fact, it only creates problems for the children and relatives who will be left behind. We also have women who boil cooking oil to pour on their unsuspecting husbands as revenge for being wronged, and when they discover the husband is dying, they do the unthinkable.

Why behave is such a manner?

Always remember, every murderer has the potential to commit suicide. If you are the kind of person who believes in capital punishment, then you are also a candidate for suicide. Why not get another wife or husband? Why not leave a relationship that causes you pain? Thinking of punishing others always translates to your punishment as well.  Suicide is a sign of pride, and too much pride does not allow you to live and deal with pain, especially when you think everyone should treat you in a certain way. So the devil will just take advantage of the already existing weakness. There is no justification for ending one’s own life, even if they think they are not worth anything to anyone. Some people that often commit suicide at times include those who would have been raped, physically and sexually abused — probably as minors — and never got any counselling.

The trauma that they go through creates room for a lot of negative thoughts that often encourage suicide. Victims of traumatic events need to know that the very circumstance that befell them must leave them stronger than the ordinary person. They might have scars, but these are a sign and proof that healing is possible. Relationship, marriage, job losses, criminal charges, academic failure, nude photo leaks and cyberbullying are not a reason to embrace death.

Pessimism and despair often blind one from seeing through a difficult situation, thus it is always important to get counselling. A second opinion always has a better view. When you come across someone showing signs of hopelessness, it is a cry for help, and do all you can to assist them before suicidal thoughts take over. They probably cannot see what might seem obvious to you. Take time to talk, listen and care for them. They will be in need of that.

Quote of the week: Pessimism and despair often blind one from seeing through a difficult situation.

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