Stunner wants his throne back

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Stunner wants his throne back

The Sunday Mail

DESMOND Chideme aka Stunner has over the years become notorious for the periodic drama in his life and career.

But away from the theatre sometimes bordering on the absurd, he remains one of the best rap artistes in the country, a status he has enjoyed for over a decade.

While there are numerous other rappers who have lately earned the right to claim the throne in the genre, Stunner’s latest album “Stray Bullet”, sends a clear message that he is still around.

The nine-track album is like a mixed salad, with the artiste blending various genres to create both trap-influenced and mellow vibes. International and local artistes who feature on the album include Epixode, Ba Shupi, Pesshi and Boom Beto.

While it would not be a Stunner album without egotistic elements as evidenced in the song “They Know”, it is refreshing to note that he also showcased his romantic side on tracks like “My Lady” and “Follow Me”.

The first song on the offering “Follow Me”, which features Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Epixode, does not only have a catchy hook but also rides on solid instrumentation. This has to be the best song on the album, at least in my opinion, with the Caribbean vibe blending well with Stunner’s rap bars.

Pesshi might not be a popular name yet on the local music scene but her talent cannot be disputed considering the vocal and lyrical ability she displays on “Follow Me”. This is also one of the tracks to look out for. It has a laid back feel and is laden with romantic messages from both artistes.

In one of the songs “Akarohwa Mari”, which features Ba Shupi, the artiste addresses the issue of men who always have their hard-earned money squandered by ladies of the night because of their weakness for showing off.

On the bass-pounding “They Know”, the rapper spits venom, throwing hard-hitting punch lines as he states that he has been around for a while and is still the best in the game.

Some critics have taken aim at the way the rapper flows and his delivery but what cannot be disputed is the fact that he knows how to string solid bars together, a trait which is evidenced in the new music. This might be a solid project but there is no guarantee that it will hand the artiste the king status on a silver platter considering the massive competition on the hip-hop scene at the moment.

Only time will tell if we will have a hit from this project that can reach the heights of some of his most successful releases such as “Godo” and “Team Hombe”.

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