Stunner, Mudiwa rekindle beef

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Stunner, Mudiwa rekindle beef

The Sunday Mail

So Eminem and MGK have decided to have a go at each other, just a few months after Drake and Pusha T had their own epic lyrical exchange.

On the local hip-hop scene, Stunner and Mudiwa Hood have been at other’s throats for a while now and when it seemed like they had squashed their beef, last week’s episode at Club Sankayi might just have rekindled the rivalry.

Big deal?

Rap beefs, diss tracks and live lyrical battles are basically part and parcel of the hip-hop culture with many artistes firing shots at each other every now and then.

With South African socialites and video vixens Faith Nketsi and Kim Kholiwe gracing the official launch of the club’s Ballers Nights, organisers decided to spice up the event by putting Stunner and Mudiwa on the same stage.

Dubbed “Face Off: Clash of Egos”, this was poised to be an epic battle where the controversy between the two would be addressed.

When the artistes went on stage, it appeared as if this was just going to be one of those friendly battles where the rappers would shake hands afterwards, but it only took a few minutes for the situation to escalate and turn personal.

Being a seasoned free-styler, Stunner, was throwing hard-hitting punchlines and with his nemesis failing to keep up, he was winning this one.

Had the exchange remained in the lyrical space, Mudiwa would have been buried without much resistance, but then Stunner decided to flex financial muscle by throwing money on the opposite number and challenged him to do the same if he could.

Big mistake!

With the battleground shifting into his territory, the “Ndaita Mari” hit-maker took out a bunch of car keys highlighting the luxury cars he owned. He challenged his opponent to produce just one car key. On the night, Stunner proved that he has better lyrical acumen but Mudiwa got the bragging rights of being more financially muscular.

However, it did not end there as the two artistes have now taken their war to social media where they have been throwing punches at each other during the past week. Word on the street has it that the beef has been taken back to the studio, with diss numbers expected this week. Having already released diss tracks in the past – the hip-hop scene could be about to witness an escalation of the epic lyrical war.

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