St John’s College pipe band impresses in Scotland

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St John’s College pipe  band impresses in Scotland The St John’s pipe band

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WHeN it embarked on a musical odyssey to Scotland, the St John’s College pipe band set its sights on greatness in four exhilarating contests.

The band’s journey kicked off at the Dundonald Highland Games, where the members had a milestone moment, as they faced the challenge of competing against seasoned adult musical groups.

The band unleashed a performance that left the judges in awe.

The St John’s College pipe band claimed first place in the competition.

The exceptional performance also earned the band the prestigious K.B. Insulating Glass Trophy, a true symbol of their remarkable achievement.

At the renowned North Berwick Highland Games, the group clashed with other school bands in a fierce battle for supremacy in the “World Pipe Band Championships”.

Steadfast and determined, the members displayed an unyielding spirit and unwavering dedication in the trials.

And their efforts paid off handsomely, securing an impressive second place, overall.

As a testament to their excellence, the band was awarded the revered R.S.P.B.A. Lothian & Border Branch Shield.

The pinnacle of the band’s mission was taking part in the World Pipe Band Championships, held in the hallowed grounds of Glasgow Green.

With trepidation and excitement coursing through their veins, the members faced off against 30 formidable competitors from Scotland, the United States, Canada and Australia.

Emerging from the heats in a commendable second place, they advanced to the finals, where they poured their hearts into each melody.

The result of their dedication was a remarkable fourth place amongst the talented 30 bands. The St John’s College pipe band then received the esteemed Alec Dingwall Memorial Shield.

A few band members also entered the Innovation Glasgow 2023 competition at the grand Barras Art and Design venue in Glasgow.

This event, a gathering of the finest pipe band drummers from all corners of the globe, was a true showcase of creativity and mastery.

Among the musical maestros, Kudzai Taruwona, their bass drummer — accompanied by Tinashe Chirambanegomo (snare drummer), Wade McShaw (tenor drummer), Tungamirai Mukwazhi (piper) and Imraan Jooma (piper) — took the stage with unmatched fervour. Taruwona and his talented group emerged victorious with their soul-stirring performance.

Taruwona won a bass drum from the British Drum Company, a hard drum case and percussion accessories, courtesy of Evans and Promark, all valued at over £1 000 (US$1 241).

The band expressed appreciation to its main sponsor, Expacare, for providing it with new gear; and Quedec and Mr Parmar for their generous donation of travelling kits that kept them warm and presentable throughout the tour.

“St John’s College’s remarkable accomplishments have soared to the summit of greatness. The band’s tireless hours of practice, their unwavering dedication and their indomitable spirit have paid off in untold measures.

“They have not only honoured their illustrious school, St John’s College, but have also represented their beloved nation with unparalleled distinction.

“The band members hope their triumph will resonate and inspire everyone, as they have etched their names into the annals of musical legend.

“Bravo, St John’s College pipe band!” said band instructor Mr Kalonga.

Meanwhile, the group had an opportunity to attend the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band Generations 2023 concert, held at Glasgo’s SEC Armadillo on August 16.

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