Spies face the boot

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Spies face the boot

The Sunday Mail

Lovemore Mataire in Victoria Falls
The President and First Secretary of Zanu-PF, Cde Robert Mugabe has said the party will boot out members who leak confidential information to the private press.
In his prepared speech, which he summarised off the cuff, President Mugabe decried the proliferation of pseudo-organisations that speak in the name of Zanu-PF, yet are non-existent within the party’s structures.
“We have seen the proliferation of little organisations that act and speak in the name of the party. They do not exist in our structures, are unknown to the leadership and certainly do not espouse the ideology of our party, let alone its values.
“Who are these people? Who is behind them? What is their goal? Who pays them, sends them, directs these confusionists? We cannot run a party like that, as if there is no order,’’ President Mugabe said.
The President also said that Zanu PF is aware of people who created and fund the private press to churn out vile messages that spew against Zanu-PF, its goals and leadership.
“The private press do not attend our Politburo meetings. The private press are not members of the Central Committee. I don’t recall appointing anyone from their number as my Minister of Government,” said President Mugabe.
“They don’t sit in my Cabinet. Yet all matters placed before all those key organs of the party and Government find their way to private press newsrooms.
“Who is feeding them? It is some of us, leaders and office-bearers, both in the party and in Government. To what end? To achieve what?’’
President Mugabe said the party had put in place mechanisms to deal with individuals who spy against the party, the Government and the nation.
“Let them get out of the party or we will kick them out. We will not have this level of indiscipline in 2016,’’ he said
“Hausi musangano we njake-njake, a party with many mouths — unseemly bickering mouths — spouting unseemly words that pretend to be Zanu-PF messages. We have a way and tradition of doing business in Zanu-PF, the Zanu-PF way.
‘‘Those who are new or junior in the party must study our ways, tried and tested ways, on the basis of which this great party has been built.’’
He stressed that any member who goes against the command and direction of the party has no place in the revolutionary party.

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