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THE world revolves around a special specie called a woman.

Without her, everything comes to a standstill. That is why in the beginning the Creator introduced Adam to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Man appreciated her then, but something that later happened led her to be despised and stereotyped up to now.

However, there must be a paradigm shift.

The spread of misogyny must be condemned by all because women are an integral part of every society.

Without a woman, a house is not a home and life becomes meaningless.

Although she has her weaknesses, we all depend on her strengths.

But what are they?

A woman is that human being who does most of the hard work. Yes, she does!

She seldom enlists for military duties; she rarely applies for trench-digging jobs; and you do not usually find her at construction sites, but still, she remains the hardest worker.

Debatable of course, but this instalment will give an insight.

Difficult work should not only be defined by the amount of physical exertion it demands, but also the amount of emotional and mental energy it drains.

In life, a woman bears the most pain imaginable.

Where anatomy tells us a human body can bear only 45 del units of pain, during childbirth a woman can feel up to 57 del units of pain, which is the equivalent of 20 bones getting fractured at the same time.

Yet this specie never complains of how hard being a woman is; instead, it continues to give the world the gift of life.

Furthermore, she has to bear the burden of breastfeeding and making sure a toddler grows into a woman or man.

Men’s bones were made stronger by the calcium that women gave them through breastfeeding.

In a family set-up, a woman endures marital problems and is often the one that fights to keep the institution (family) functional.

Economic challenges that we face as a country always seem to affect her the most, especially when kids are involved.

The amount of pressure in her day is way too intense.

She is softer on the outside, but the things she has to deal with daily must make you respect her fortitude.

The make-up of a woman

This mainly refers to all things that shape a woman, and not the eye shadows, concealers, the waterproof mascaras, and the non-smear lipsticks used to enhance beauty.

The aesthetic make-up is meant to propagate a false narrative that she is weak, frail, irrational, and, therefore, present her as a candidate for manipulation since all focus on her will be on the minor and trivial details of life beauty.

If it was not for her mental strength, she would easily break because of this stereotype.

She is made to spend her time on house chores, whilst her male counterparts are afforded all the free time to play with their toys.

At a very tender age, she is made to cook and is punished for improperly cooking, especially “sadza mbodza”.

The amount of responsibility bestowed upon her at a tender age requires her to mature quickly and faster than boys of the same age.


Women make the planet habitable.

They fill the world with colour and yet they have to deal with a lot of pressing issues.

Most of the time they might not be at peace, at ease or comfortable in their mind as they often make it out to be.

Men are always busy, heedlessly engrossed in their own pursuits and making money, yet ignoring those who cook for them and love them.

Instead, they actually try by all means to make women’s lives hell.

There is a silent cry in every woman.

She needs to be embraced, appreciated, supported and loved than to be objectified as a bedroom gourmet meant to appease men’s needs.


This is the real-life story of many women in the country and even beyond borders.

Women always show love, even under difficult circumstances.

For instance, many have been cheated before by their husbands yet they still manage to come out strong.

They always try to see the good in every person.

Similarly, their warmth can be felt even when they are not around.

This is how powerful women are.

Quote of the week: Without a woman, a house is not a home and life becomes meaningless.

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