Socialite now events guru

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Socialite now events guru

The Sunday Mail

Andrew Moyo
BY nature, people have different preferences when it comes to the type of entertainment they would rather indulge in, which is why there are different types of crowds for various music genres or art forms.

There are other individuals, however, whose veins are flooded with the showbiz fluid to the extent that they do not choose but embrace everything that the industry throws their way.

Whether it is a sungura or Zim dancehall scene, sport or other social gathering — there is one particular character who has always been in the thick of things. Everyone who follows the local entertainment scene would be familiar with the name Mahwindo, real name Wanisai Mutandwa.

This particular individual rose to prominence as a socialite but over the years she has overcome numerous huddles to become one of the most influential figures in showbiz. Those who attended Jive Zimbabwe’s “One Big Party”, which was held at Highlands Country Club last weekend were full of praise for the stage setup and sound system that was there.

The company that was responsible for creating all that magic, Sound Blaze Productions, is being run by Mahwindo with two other partners.

Many gigs that have been hosted in the country have often been criticised for poor stages and sound quality but this company might just be what the doctor ordered, if the state-of-the-art equipment they have at their disposal is anything to go by.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Leisure Mahwindo said that after years of working with various promoters and artistes she had decided to be the leader of her own path.

“I grew up loving music, which is why I have always been involved one way or the other in the industry,” said Mahwindo.

“From organising parties and album launches for many artistes, I am now running my own events company, Sound Blaze Productions, which I started with two other partners.

“I am a registered promoter but for now we are just hiring out equipment to churches, corporates, artistes, fellow promoters and anyone else in need of our services.”

She said while their company was still in its infancy, they had great potential to scale greater heights.

“Sound Blaze was formed in January so basically we are still finding our feet but there are numerous promoters and events companies who have expressed their desire to work with us because of the equipment that we have.

“We have state-of-the-art equipment including tents, chairs, stage, sound, lighting and anything else that is in line with events. I can safely say that we are the only events company in the country that has doom trussing with a 2, 2-metre stage height and 15×20-metre curve deck.”

She expressed her desire to promote other women in the arts industry highlighting numerous ideas she had on the table.

“I am expecting to grow both in business and my personal life so I am not going to stop as long as I live. I want to promote arts, especially women in the industry so people should be on the lookout for the Africa Women Festival, which I plan to host before the end of the year.”

It will not be difficult for Mahwindo to hold her own in the industry considering the vast experience she has acquired while working under the wings of other industry players.

“I have done a lot of work behind the scenes for example, I have worked with Red Rose Entertainment, Devine Assignments and 6 Finger Records as an events manager so I should say I have benefited a lot from the previous roles I have taken up in the past.

“These companies that I have mentioned are just a few that I believe people would quickly recognise but the truth is I have worked with almost every promoter in the country. I understand showbiz — I have worked in clubs and for live bands,” said Mahwindo.

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