Sita bids Zim rugby adieu

02 Dec, 2018 - 00:12 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Tinashe Kusema

IN hindsight, Manasah Sita’s defection to Germany has been long in the making.

It’s been over two years since his last call-up for the Zimbabwe Cheetahs or Sables sides, and three years of national team inactivity make a player eligible to represent another country.

And a quick glance at his social media accounts, particularly Facebook, bears testimony to how the 32-year-old speedster has adapted to life in Germany.

He is married to a German lady, Anja, and the couple has two children, Helen and Malia.

Sita runs a business there, Manasah Fitness, and while his German language skills could use a little more work, it seems to be getting better with each Facebook post.

“Well, to be honest, it wasn’t an easy decision to make. I toiled over it for weeks on end before finally giving the German Rugby Federation my answer,” he told The Sunday Mail Sport.

“I have been here for well over ten years now, and I last played for the national team some two years ago.

“It seems as if there is no future for me there (Zimbabwe) anymore rugby-wise, and I still have things I wanted to tick off my bucket list. “I have played at the highest level with the Cheetahs, and many other clubs I played for, but I am yet to grace the Olympics. This is what Germany can offer me, and the 2020 Olympic Games is very much a reality for me now,” said Sita, who plies his trade with Sports Club Neuenheim.

Sita, who scored 17 tries in 28 appearances for Zimbabwe on the World Rugby Sevens Series circuit, will become eligible to represent Germany in international tournaments next June.

He has already been drafted into Germany’s developmental squad for the Dubai Sevens Invitational.

The tournament last week, mostly for developmental clubs and international sides, was the bridge to Sita’s past, present and future as he got some sort of closure with his former team mates.

“I bumped into the Old Georgians side a day before the tournament began and it was really nice seeing familiar faces from Zimbabwe. I knew everyone on the team, having played either against or alongside them all, and we did a lot catching up. We even made a pact to meet up for drinks after the tournament,” he said.

“This is not goodbye, but see you later. I know we have been through a lot together, some highs and some lows, but all praise to you all for believing in me as your player.

“I may be a German player now but I still remain Zimbabwean first and foremost. Who knows, I might be back some day and maybe help coach a new generation of rugby players.”

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