Shinsoman, T Freddy join forces

27 Nov, 2022 - 00:11 0 Views
Shinsoman, T Freddy join forces

The Sunday Mail

Dennis Chimanzi

BARELY a fortnight after Zimdancehall musician Shinsoman, born Tinashe Romeo Anthony, went “ballistic” and accused T Freddy, a self-proclaimed prophet, of using his song without permission, the two have since ironed out their differences.

However, many have dismissed the stunt as a mere marketing gimmick.

Shinso and T Freddy have reached out, resulting in the duo releasing a collaboration track titled “Ndandakanyarara”.

The single opens with the self-proclaimed prophet doing a verse of “Hativasiye vane Nyota”, which sparked the feud between them, before Shinso enters singing, “Nhasi prophet hatisi kuimba iyoyo”.]

Shinso and T Freddy could not be drawn into commenting on the allegations of a stage-managed feud, but confirmed burying the hatchet.

“We are now in good books. We resolved our differences and even came up with a song, which is currently trending on social media platforms,” Shinsoman said.

The “Mawaya-waya” hitmaker also said he was joining T Freddy’s Goodness and Mercy Ministries.

“For the past week, I have been working closely with T Freddy.

“From the interactions that I had with him, I can safely say that I can work with him and even become a member of his church,” added Shinsoman.

T Freddy has also pledged to fund Shinsoman’s musical projects and to also meet his upkeep.

The man of the cloth further confirmed the mending of relations with the popular musician.

“It is true that we buried the hatchet and we are going to work together on several projects. I am very much willing to help him achieve his goals,” T Freddy said.



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