SHARP SHOOTER: Facts and myths about US sanctions

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SHARP SHOOTER: Facts and myths about US sanctions Ambassador Harry K. Thomas Jnr

The Sunday Mail

Does the US think that we are going to give its Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Harry K. Thomas Jr, a pat on the back for removing Agribank and the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe from its diabolic sanctions list?

Certainly not.

And those that thought the sanctions are a myth and do not exist should ask Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe which has been brutally penalised for doing business with Zimbabwean companies.

As the melodramatic and incredible episodes of factionalism and succession politics unfolds in Zanu PF, clearly the opposition parties are now a peripheral enemy of the State while the shameless big-brother nations such as the US have substituted local opposition coalitions and formations to continue pushing for a regime change agenda that continues to grip their wispy imaginations.

Harry, on the other hand, who represents US interests in Zimbabwe, must work flat out to have a wholesome subversion of that diabolic sanctions law against Zimbabwe otherwise as far as we can see, he is still just another house nigger exhibiting a classic carrot and stick parade of a monkey-see monkey-do pidgin style of diplomacy.

Sending US Embassy deputy public affairs officer Nicole Finnemann to tell us that the two banks provide services to disadvantaged populations in Zimbabwe and serve unique development functions and important economic roles in agriculture and infrastructure finance simply does not cut it Harry.

Did it take the US government eight years to realise that? Did not the US government maintain a myth since 2003 that these sanctions are targeted at a few individuals? Is it not a fact that we have known all along that “undeserved and disadvantaged populations in Zimbabwe” are the ones that bear the brunt on the so-called US “targeted” sanctions?

Only an idiot with a propensity to believe all the lies and myths that the US government passes off as fact like a high-school bully would be gullible enough to accept that only 98 individuals and 66 entities in Zimbabwe are under US sanctions because they are said to have violated democracy and human rights policies. Surely after 15 years of unrelenting sanctions, does the US think any Zimbabwean, either in government, the ruling party or even in opposition is unaware that those sanctions are targeted at the ordinary populations?

We all know that the ordinary populations are trying to be forced to rise up against a legitimately and constitutionally elected government and replace it with a puppet regime that will say “yes-baas, right away baas, anything you want baas” to the US government without question, just like a house nigger, just like an Uncle Tom or just like Harry or Obama?

I remember late last year, telling you Harry in this very column that we understand you operate on a short-leash with instructions from your outgoing boss Barack Obama to bring something they consider positive back to the US, something called regime change.

After heeding my warnings Harry, you pathetically sent Nicole Finnemann to tread where fools have rushed in as she big-headedly said the US would continue to review sanctions until there is regime change.

Now, the Harry Thomas Jr that I know must fundamentally know that all black brothers and sisters are questioning how on Earth a black government, led by the that iconic black revolutionary leader called President Mugabe must continue to suffer from the effects of a black US president who appoints a black US Ambassador to the black government.

What really is our curse as black people? We are in power in Africa and the America’s but we still let white policies and politics dominate us and undermine us under the pretext of targeted sanctions which were imposed by white men.

The fact of the matter is that since the episode of that middle passage during the slave trade, we have been forever in a rage that consumed our souls and often think that our brother is the enemy.

The fact of the matter is that the US has maintained its embargo on Zimbabwe knowing fully well that the ordinary man on the streets of Zimbabwe will suffer like he does today and the more he suffers, the greater his rage against the government.

Forget the myth that the US sanctions program implemented in 2003 was targeted or was a result of the actions and policies of certain members of the government of Zimbabwe and other persons undermining democratic institutions and processes in Zimbabwe.

That is a fable.

The US is the most undemocratic nation on this planet by virtue of imposing undemocratic and illegal sanctions in a desperate bid to achieve their undemocratic ends.

The fact of the matter is that since the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economy Recovery Act, the US has been preventing Zimbabwe’s access to international financial assistance.

That is the fact and there is clear and unadulterated evidence to that fact as propelled by that racist US Senate Committee Chairman on Foreign Relations called Bob Corker who blocked a clearance of US$1,9 billion from the IMF, World Bank and Africa Development Bank for the Zimbabwe government because he wants regime change.

Then there is the myth that the US provides aid to Zimbabwe. The double standards of the US government leave a very bad taste in my mouth and make me sick in my stomach. How do you provide aid to a government you have imposed sanctions on? In fact, let us go to back to basics, what is a government? A government is the people. A government is the citizens.

A government is the inhabitants of the country. Even the MDC-T is part of government because it has members in parliament and receives funding from the Political Parties (Finance) Act.

Having framed what a government really is then the US must know that there is no such thing as “targeted” sanctions whether to individuals or on companies within Zimbabwe. Sanctions are sanctions period. They affect everyone in the country, including those who foolishly cheer-lead the US racism like the Tendai Biti’s of the so-called People’s Democratic Party.

Back to you Harry. So are you just another house nigger dressed in a fine suit, sent here to do a monkey dance and grin for the amusement of a racist US government that is trying to appease us for a regime change which we rejected a long time ago?

Tell me the facts and myths of your purpose here and I am sure everyone in this country wants to hear from you instead of that Nicole Finnemann cocky emissary of yours.


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