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The Sunday Mail

Of late Zimbabwe has been faced with reports of criminal and simply dishonest taxi operators with young men and women being robbed in the comfort of taxicabs they would have hired.

This despicable act has brought many to the edge as they have lost trust in ordering private taxis.

However, the day-to-day life of an ordinary Zimbabwean cannot be complete without making use of a taxicab for one reason or the other — school runs, executive meetings or doctor’s appointments. This is the reason why we have integrated technology in the transport system to promote the safety of both passengers and drivers in any trip.

As Toda Zimbabwe, we believe in taking advantage of technology to build solutions that are relevant to your needs. This can be achieved by enhancing the process of ordering a taxi or shuttle for your staff through traceable virtual devices. With just a tap on your smartphone, you and your staff can enjoy great travel convenience.

In an interview, Toda Operations Manager Mr Nyasha Shereni has been on record saying the application has inbuilt security features to ensure passenger safety and convenience in travelling in and around the city.

“A lot has been happening in the taxi industry including robberies. As Toda we have put tight measures to ensure the security of our passengers is guaranteed,” he said.

“Every driver goes through background check where we make sure that the driver is who they say they are.

“The prospective driver will have to upload several personal and vehicle documents. We also require a police clearance just to check on the criminal background of our drivers.”

Mr Shereni also said all prospective Toda vehicles must go through a vehicle inspection process before drivers are activated on the system.

It is important to note that Toda makes use of independent drivers with their own cars therefore the organisation is aware that it has the responsibility to maintain the safety of passengers from the time they board a Toda ride to the point they end the ride.

Therefore, the application comes with an inbuilt panic button within the system to allow passengers request for urgent assistance in an emergency.

Our mandate as Toda is to provide passengers and drivers with a reliable, affordable and safe travel option.

Our application is traceable, and this allows riders to share their ride details with their next of kin members and in case of an emergency Toda, the police and your next of kin as saved in the application will assist you.

The app is available for Download both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Happy Rides!


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