Rwanda celebrates Umuganura

16 Aug, 2020 - 00:08 0 Views
Rwanda celebrates Umuganura Ambassador Musoni

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The young generation should be educated on the importance of culture because it is the cornerstone to strengthening unity and reconciliation in society, Rwandan Ambassador to Zimbabwe James Musoni has said.

In his message to mark Umuganura, the country’s version of thanksgiving, Ambassador Musoni said the day was commemorated as a day of unity among Rwandans and an opportunity to assess the past, celebrate achievements, correct mistakes and plan for the future.

Rwanda celebrates Umuganura annually on the first Friday of August. This year marked the second time the Rwandan community has  celebrated Umuganura in Zimbabwe following successful celebrations hosted in Harare last year. However, there was no gathering due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Key objectives of Umuganura (cultural harvest) are to create an opportunity for Rwandans to reflect on the positive values of Rwandan culture that is a cornerstone to strengthening unity and reconciliation of Rwandans, to preserve Rwandan culture by educating the young generation on the importance of safeguarding our cultural heritage,” Ambassador Musoni said.

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