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Rusunguko 10 rock Copa tournament

13 May, 2018 - 00:05 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

THE exploits of the “Rusununguko High 10’’ are still being talked about as the 30th edition of the Copa Coca Cola tournament gets ready to explode.

Last year, ten Rusununguko High boys played the Copa Coca Cola tournament and won the Under 15 boys championship after beating Pfupajena 5-4 on penalties at Trojan Mine.

Rusununguko were missing 10 players who were vetted out before the start of the tournament.

Faced with a huge challenge of playing a tournament with no substitutes, the teenage boys from Rusununguko drew inspiration from a number they are used to — 10.

Every morning before lessons started, the boys would jog for 10 kilometres. Later in the evening, they would do sprints for their conditioning.

And their endurance carried the day for them.

It was a proud moment for the school and the U15 soccer team coach Joseph Madzinga who is expected to be in attendance on Tuesday when Rusunguko High School hosts the official launch of this year’s tourney.

“It was really special,” recalls Madzinga.

“It was a result of our preparation I guess, those 10 km runs in the morning worked and they have become our thing now.

“For this year’s competition we started preparations last term and during the holiday we played friendly matches against Total Academy, Ruwa Academy and Mambas juniors. Our performances were impressive, we stand a good chance to defend our title.”

Diminutive midfielder Michael Saharo is the only remaining player from last year’s championship winning team.

“He is a talented player, it explains why he made the team at a younger age and his experience will be key this year. The current team is naturally motivated to emulate their predecessors, what the boys achieved last year uplifted the whole school,” said Madzinga.

Before every match, the Rusununguko soccer team shout out their team motto, ‘Winners are fighters and fighters are winners’!

They will be hoping to fight all the way to the winner’s podium again, with 11 men this time around.

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