Russian investors eye regional opportunities

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Russian investors eye regional opportunities

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RUSSIAN investors under the Mosprom Centre for Export Support and Development (Mosprom) have expressed keen interest to invest in Sub-Saharan African countries, including Zimbabwe, after a business conference that was held recently.

Business executives from Russia and several African countries attended the virtual business meeting, which was the first teleconference on the Moscow-Africa annual cycle.

Speaking at the meeting, SADC executive secretary Dr Lawrence Stergomena Tax said Moscow is an important partner for the region.

“Today our strategy is aimed at raising the level of industrialisation of our countries; their competitiveness. And if we want to advance economic and technological transformation of the whole continent, we need partners,” she said.

“That is why our co-operation with Moscow is important for us. We see a huge number of areas in which we can work together — the infrastructure sector, energy. These are the areas in which we can co-operate maximally fruitfully.”

Director of the Asia, African and Latin American Development for Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mr Sergey Nosov, said their aim is “not to supply products from Russia only, but build long-term and mutually beneficial relations with African countries”.

“We agree that our industry, Russian industry, can make a major contribution to the development of the African continent in some tracks, which include the sphere of transport, pharmaceuticals and the sphere of energy and much more. We intend not to just supply Russian products but to develop a long-term relationship,” he said.

Mosprom comprises some of the biggest companies from Russia.

Some of the speakers at the conference included business executives from Moscow, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, heads of chambers of commerce and industry from Moscow and African countries, including business representatives.

After the summit, Russian investors committed to take part in business symposiums that will take place in Africa.

The Mosprom Centre was established by the Moscow Department for Investment and Industry Policy to support Moscow’s industrial exports and imports.

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