Russia 2018

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Russia 2018

The Sunday Mail

Nigel Keith Manguta, U6
Churchill Boys High School

Brazil 2014 a distant memory,

Four years on,

Russia is buzzing.

It’s been a rollercoaster


From the coasts of America, North and South

Across the golden lands of Europe, East and West

down to the vivid colours of Africa

with Asia connecting.


Years of preparation, sacrifices, heart breaks.

Many sessions, a lot of commitments,

all to be lost or gained in a month.

Today the anxiety ends.

France or Croatia


Traditions brought together by a whistle.

Cultures diversified through a ball,

odd yet beautiful,

The Messiah’s vast creativity,

unimaginable yet so real.


So forget the tears,

forget the injuries,

forget the hanging CVs.

Forget the pain

get into the vibe of the game.

It’s the World Cup.

It’s been Russia 2018.


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