Responsible men are a blessing

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Responsible men are a blessing

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MEN are the reason why a lot of things are what they are today.

If the world was constituted of women only, things could have remained archaic.

The selfless specie called a man has contributed immensely to the creation of most things we see and celebrate today.

Men are by design created to oversee life on this globe, maintain and tend to other life forms, including women and children that exist under them.

All the toil that men go through is for the benefit of their families and not necessarily for their advantage. This alone makes men interesting and an essential part of life.

Women (wife, mother, sister) and children all look up to men.

Similarly, men’s instincts are always alive to this fact and it helps them go that extra mile in their quest to safeguard and provide for the family.

A man enjoys doing things that bring benefits at the end of the day. In short, he lives his life for others.

The level of responsibility upon his shoulders cannot afford him the luxury to sleep or rest, even if his body demands so.

He always finds a way to force himself to go that extra mile since he is never satisfied with his domain.

He desires to expand, to improve, and is always searching for ways to make his territory bigger and better each day.

For instance, when he buys a stand, he does not rest until he erects a cottage. After completing the cottage, a new burden arrives.

It is worse than the first two burdens — he now desires to build the main structure and it demands more strength and resources. This means he will have to work extra hard.

Economic challenges can slow him down, but still, he does not give up. Likewise, the boss at work might even fire him, yet he will still find a way to accomplish his mission.

At times he returns home with wounds and blisters to show for his toil. Yet, nothing can ever stop him from achieving his goals.

It is his wife, children and relatives that give him this resilience.

Some have employees or handyman to assist them but they still feel the need to work personally for perfection.

That is why you see him buying a gold mine, get employees, but still, he foregoes the dangers involved and delves into the mining shafts in his suit — he does not care.

All he thinks of is that he has to make it work so he feels he must be hands-on on every project of his. In his mind, even money can never stop him from toiling hard for his loved ones.

A man remains an essential part of life just like his life is so interesting.

This specie is mainly driven by love and care.

He will choose to pay through the nose to see his family well-fed; or pay an arm and a leg just for them to live a comfortable life.

Till the very end, he is never satisfied that he has done enough.

He looks back at his work and wealth and still never feels he has done enough. He is driven by something insatiable and God-given.

He is just a selfless provider, a jealous protector and an empathetic caregiver.

However, other men are just that due to their biological makeup as there is nothing manly about them.

This group includes those men that only think about themselves.

You find them marrying and siring children that they do not even take care of. Even though they are married, they are not satisfied with their choice; they keep on searching.

They are mere authors of chaos and ministers of destruction.

Unfortunately, they are only good at creating health complications like high blood pressure and depression for their parents, children and wives.

It is a blessing to have a good man in your life; some are terrible beyond measure.

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