Relegation tiff can be costly

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Relegation tiff can be costly Sunday Mail

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THE other day yours truly came across MythBusters, a science entertainment television program that uses “elements of the scientific to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages.”
The Australian produced effort was worth my time and for a good 30 minutes, I didn’t feel like DSTV was ripping me off.

MythBusters also got me thinking about some local football myths.
One of those myths is that Kenny Ndebele is a fine football administrator, the best football brains that the country has and a chief executive who keeps the Premier Soccer League ticking even with an uninspiring chairman like Peter Dube at the helm.

Kenny is a likeable guy.
All chubby fellas are affable, you look at them struggle to keep their shirts nicely tucked in their pants and immediately realise God’s statement about making man “in our own image” was spiritual.

When one engages Ndebele, the guy comes through as humble and respectful.
They are bound not to believe some of the nasty things the PSL chief executive is in the habit of saying each time he goes back home and blesses his boys with some liquor.

One can pretend to be a good man but pretending to be a good football administrator is something else.
If Ndebele was as good an administrator as some people claim, this relegation/promotion scandal that is engulfing our game would not have erupted in the manner it did.

The PSL chief executive must have seen it coming and advised his bosses accordingly.
Ndebele’s letter to Zifa, informing the soccer governing body that the topflight league does not have money to stage promotional play offs at the last minute was in bad faith, according to Zifa president Phillip Chiyangwa.

The PSL agreed to fund the play offs long before the season began and for Ndebele to announce the flip flop at the 11th hour was diabolical.

Zifa councillors flexed their muscles and reminded the PSL who the football bosses are.
Now the league’s sponsors Delta Beverages are demanding answers from the PSL but they are not getting any, satisfactory or otherwise.

Meanwhile, another chubby friend of mine, Omega Sibanda, is nursing a bruised ego after being dressed down by Chiyangwa during last Saturday’s Zifa meeting.

Now if there is a myth that Chiyangwa appears intent on busting it is the one that claims that he is ready to overlook the misdeeds of his rear lickers no matter how grave they may be.

Cecilia Gambe was at the forefront of showering praises on Chiyangwa but now where is she? Gambe is somewhere in the middle of nowhere having been suspended from football for bringing the game into disrepute after that infamous storm-the-pitch incident at Sakubva.

Up until last weekend, Sibanda believed he had Chiyangwa in his pockets but boy oh boy, the man whose scandal involving FC Platinum is yet to play up was wrong, very wrong. Soon after lunch, with the majority of councillors busy making clowns of themselves through their unorthodox use of toothpicks, Chiyangwa got into Captain Fiasco mode.

The Zifa president told Sibanda, PSL chairman Peter Dube and Southern Region chairman Mussa Mandaza that they were collectively proving to be a pain in the butt. He told them that contrary to their belief, he is not “football ignorant” and was aware of the chaos “this proposal of yours to relegate four teams will cause.”

Most people in the auditorium looked down as Chiyangwa tore into Sibanda and his clique. Now we look up to the Zifa boss to solve this play offs mess.

Sir exits the scene!

Sir is social media commentator and writes this satirical column in his personal capacity. Feedback [email protected]

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