Recharge your life

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Recharge your life

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Brian Ngosi

There are experiences you go through sometimes that are worth learning from.

Think of your phone battery and the process of re-charging it when it runs empty; it is comparable to how you use and recover energy in your life.

Your phone battery can run out even if you do not use your cellphone, as long as it is switched on.

Life drains energy from you, even if you decide to be of no use towards fulfilling your purpose.

As long as you are alive, you use energy.

You can build your empire using the same energy with which you can destroy your life.

Your cellphone can take business calls, or be a platform that you get addicted to games and social media, that offer no material benefit.

The choice is yours as to what you will do with your energy.

A basic cellphone and a sophisticated cellphone have the same charging mechanism.

It is how you treat energy and what you are made of, which makes the difference.

Just as it is the same current for your phone battery, we all breathe the same oxygen.

The gift of life comes from the same source, but it blossoms differently depending on how you seek to exploit your potential.

Take time to re-charge yourself.

You can reinvigorate by investing in those things that give clarity to your goals.

You need the energy to go through the day, week, month and year.

You need energy for your entire life.

It is what you equip yourself with, that will determine whether or not you will fade.

The worst experience is a battery that dies in the middle of the day, or during an important call.

You do not want to fizzle out for whatever reason, especially when you are faced with important life situations.

You need to be strong, and be on top of your game to enjoy life.

You can charge your cellphone at any time.

You can revive your life at any time.

There is never a good or a bad time to put your house in order.

In most places there are designated places for charging.

Wherever you find yourself, always be geared to spring into action and conquer.

Make sure you always seek to give your life a boost, and be ready to take on the world.

You can also use your cellphone, while charging it.

Sometimes your life does not stop, or give you space to charge.

It is always all systems go, so be ready and available for what life has to offer.

Be prepared to face everything on the go.

There is a particular type of charger for a particular type of cellphone.

Efforts to dodge or cut corners will not sustain your life.

Your life is built on a particular value system, so keep that course.

There are certain things that are incompatible with you, even if they make sense to the next person.

Knowing what makes sense to you is key towards achieving personal greatness.

Over the years, cellphones have seen rapid and intense innovation and continue to upgrade, but the charging system has largely remained the same.

Innovation, like life, does not change the basics of love and goodness.

All innovation is doing is making life more comfortable. Be at your best by reviving the life that you live.

It is not advisable to wait for a battery to die before charging it.

No situation should be allowed to deteriorate, before remedy is sought.

You do not want to pick yourself up from your worst; always be at your best.

Charging is a decision that you have to make to live a fulfilling life. A flat battery does not serve its purpose. Do not accept to live a flat life.

No matter how good and sophisticated the cellphone is, the purpose its defeated by a dead battery.

Life is not about your status, but your purpose in life.

You should live an inspired life.

Living with the wrong attitude defeats all efforts towards achieving greatness.

Stay charged to be able to fulfill your purpose in life.


*Brian Ngosi is a life coach and motivational writer with a desire to inspire individuals to make a difference for the greater good of society. Brian can be interacted with on: [email protected], Facebook: #BN_inspired or WhatsApp: +263772440383


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