Reality Show “Preachers of L.A” Bishop expected on Wednesday

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Reality Show “Preachers of L.A” Bishop expected on Wednesday Bishop Noel Jones

The Sunday Mail

Bishop Noel Jones

Bishop Noel Jones

World-renowned United States-based preacher Bishop Noel Jones is expected in the country on Wednesday to attend Passion Java Ministries’ 2014 international church conference dubbed “Manna Feast”.

Prophet Passion Java, the host, told The Sunday Mail that: “The theme speaks of God’s provision in the middle of nowhere just like He did with the Israelites from Egypt to their Promised Land.

Zimbabwe is at a place where everyone is seeking God and it is the right time to ask God to lead us.

“People have been calling from all over the world, inquiring about this conference considering our wide outreach through the Kingdom Television. Organisations like the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe have already confirmed that all their pastors are coming and 2 000 buses are expected.

“Bishop Noel Jones has a different teaching, which appeals to everyone be it those of traditional religions, Pentecostal background, Christians, all groups, rather.

“I believe that is why he is called the best preacher of all time.”

Bishop Jones’ ministry is known across the globe, largely due to its teachings that resonate with everyday living.

Some of its programmes are tailor-made for the hard of hearing, artists, singles, prisoners and young people.

Bishop Jones’ City of Refuge Church in California comprises 17 000 congregants and thousands of followers worldwide.

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