Reactions to e-enrolment

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Reactions to e-enrolment Minister Dokora

The Sunday Mail

It might be a hurried program but it sounds as something meaningful. Lest we forget there was a system similar to this one used to enrol for Advanced Level in 1999 where one had to apply to three schools of their choice, it worked out so perfectly. Those talking about people in rural areas being disadvantaged are ignoring the technological advances we have gained so far as a country. — TM

This system is going to make it worse for poor and vulnerable children. Most parents are not computer literate and how are they expected to go on the platform to apply? Where are they going to get the computers to do the application process? I was raised by my grandmother and so are a lot of others.
My grandmother was illiterate but she sent me to boarding school after the headmaster had applied for me to a mission school. My primary school had no and still does not have electricity, computers and most teachers there are not computer literate. — Tips

Did he (Minister Dokora) weigh in the pros and cons of scrapping the old system? From what I heard he said schools were now profiteering but why not deal with the profiteering part only and leave the good system intact? I was once a grade seven and I can tell you now that entrance tests had several advantages.
One of those advantages is that it created order in our enrolment. I still remember when I was in grade seven the entrance tests was to me an exam before the real exam because it prepared me for the final exam. And this also gave parents ample time to prepare in terms of buying uniforms and other items. — Tawanda

A similar system (eMap) is in use in England and it works very well. You don’t need to know anyone to get a place. The minister has done well and let’s praise him for that. It may have been introduced at short notice but it’s a good system.
In the Zimbabwean psyche it appears we are used to back door operations and paying bribes to get things done our way. There are many benefits out of this. — Munhu Mutema

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