Re-imagine your circles of greatness

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Re-imagine your circles of greatness

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Hunt for Greatness
Milton Kamwendo

When circumstances change, it is time for you to re-imagine your circles in life and relaunch yourself to great places.

The boundaries you accept become the Bollinger Bands that define your territory of free play.

Go beyond your limitations and re-imagine your life.

Look at the circles of influence and concern around your life as the starting points and initial co-ordinates of re-imagination.

Face forward with boldness and courageous faith. The future is not as limited as the past. You may not change much in your history, but you hold the keys to changing and enlarging your future.

What limited you in the past — time, geography, context, resources, networks, opportunity or technology — will not limit or hold you back unless you choose so.

Look at the edges of your circle of influence and see what is happening there.

Look at the centre of your circle of concern and see the disruptive forces playing there. Look at your circle of friends and see the conversations that they are always engaged in. Being a circle of complainers and victims just makes you bitter and beaten before the fight.

Re-imagine your circle of friends and conversation content. Connect with those with ideas and who have a wide circle of vision.

Ally with those who are too busy to be bored and too focused to be detracted.

Look at your circle of seasons and never be stuck under any season or be blinded by any. Seasons come and go: remain steadfast, immovable and always growing your faith, focus and fidelity.

Whatever the season you are in, keep holding on and re-imagining your circles.

Challenge the strong gravitational pull exerted by yesterday and its familiar circles. Do not allow any circle to close you in and define how far you can go. Stand up and stand out instead of trying to fit in. You know who you are when you are always looking for a crowd for warmth and validation.

Never allow anything that comes your way to kill you, steal from you, disable or maim you.

Do not let the fog of the present blind you from the opportunities that are emerging and have always been waiting for you to show up and wake up to your greatness.

Do not allow adversity to colour your circle’s boundaries in bold red. Never let turbulence define your boundaries of desire and destiny.

You may be delayed but you can never be derailed unless you throw in the towel.

Building resilience means that you are willing to bounce back, bounce up and bounce forward, regardless of the headwinds that you face in any circle.

Circle of focus

Think beyond being a museum of the past and re-imagine your circle of focus.

Whatever you focus on determines where you go and what pulls you like a magnet. It is not enough to be stuck in the circles of the past or to keep pining for history. There are some things you must allow to die. Put closure on the circles of the past and re-imagine your life and focus.

Let go of the past and do not keep beating your chest over past records, and past achievements.

Stop dwelling on past hurts and making yourself a hero of championing the cause of the past, when there is such a large circle of the future. You are not a victim but a victor. Do not dream like one, focus like one or speak like one.

Circle of greatness

Recreate your life and context. Enlarge your circle of greatness and do not allow your narrow past to shrink your vision, passion and goals. Re-imagine your circle of greatness; always working to unleash your potential. Take a fresh look at life and refashion your context.

Do not let anything or anyone hold you back. There is greatness in you. Do not let pressure shrink your circle. Instead, enlarge it and expand it. Keep dreaming big, working hard and learning as though you have an examination tomorrow administered by your worst enemy.

Keep expanding your circle of greatness.

Circle of life

Look closely at your circle of life. If you are satisfied with where you are, perhaps you are dreaming too small. Do not park when there is still a wide path to your perimeter. There is still much land to possess — expand your circle of health, wealth, faith and family.

Take a fresh look at everything that you are doing and how you have been doing it.

Set deep and exciting goals looking at what you are doing and re-imagining it. Dare to go to places you have never been in your mind and you will become that which you have never been.

As you re-imagine your circle of life fashion, it should not be based on the past but best on your vision for the future.

Embrace your magnificent obsession as the new perimeter of your circle of life.

Do not become obsessed with the hurts and hindrances of the past. Quit paying attention on the misses and mistakes of the past. Be obsessed with a new, exciting and challenging circle of vision.

Believe in your dreams in life and make sure they are great dreams of the future.

With great dreams of what your life can be, should be and is going to be, launch forth into this week, this month and this decade of your great life. . . DREAM BIG!

Circle of association

Who you associate with determines what you catch. Re-imagine your circle of friends and associates because they determine who you become.

You are likely to become like six of your closest associates. If you want to change and re-imagine your life, re-imagine your circle of associates and your master-mind group.

Refrain from complainers, those who are bitter as well as rebels.

Align your circles of association with your desired destination.

If you cannot see your future in the eyes of the people around you, you are hanging around the wrong circles – RUN!

Re-imagine your circle of business.

Look at your business lines and disrupt yourself.

Create new solutions for new circles of customers and solve new problems for your current customers.

Re-imagine and see where you want to go. Re-imagine your balance sheet, cash-flow, income statements, product lines and customer experience.

Re-imagine the meaning of excellence in your circle of support and value chain.

Be hyper-aware of the changes taking place. Rethink and re-imagine everything.

Circle of work

How we used to work and how we will work from now on has changed and will continue to change and evolve.

Re-imagine your work and your contribution.

Work is not a place you go to but what you do. Work is not where you show up, but what you deliver. Work is not where you are seen so that they can acknowledge your presence; but how you contribute effectively to your organisational purpose.

See your face and the faces of your colleagues on the lines of the balance sheet or income statement of your organisation.

Everything you do has a financial consequence, and determine to have a positive effect.

Work is not the business card you carry, but the business you actually deliver.

Work is not the car you drive, but the business momentum that you generate.

Re-imagine your circle of work and your contribution, especially how you contribute to the cash conversion cycle, cost efficiency and revenue or results of the organisation. Being there for the sake of just being there will not work or help.

That is history and no one wants to stay there. Be there on the organisation chart, not as a body but an effectively contributing member.

Expand your circles and re-imagine the future. Do not be hung up on the past, because it is already history. Do get stuck in the  present, because it has just gone past.

Mr John F. Kennedy once said: “Those who look only at the past and present are certain to miss the future.”

Re-imagine your circle of courage.

Be bold and step forward, lunging towards your greatness . . . because you can!

Committed to greatness.


Milton Kamwendo is a leading international transformational and motivational speaker, author, and growth mentor. He can be reached at: [email protected] and His website is:


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