Put God first: Amai Mugabe

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Put God first: Amai Mugabe First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe receives a cake from her niece Miriro Gumbochuma in the company of the groom Thulani Mutenje at the couple's colourful wedding ceremony in Umwinsidale, Harare yesterday. - Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

The Sunday Mail

First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe has opened up on her spirituality, saying she owes the huge success of her business and philanthropic work in Mazowe to God.
In a moving address at her niece Miriro Gumbochema’s wedding in Harare yesterday, Amai Mugabe implored Zimbabweans to put all their endeavours in God’s hands.

Miriro — the First Lady’s sister Mrs Junior Shuvai Gumbochuma’s daughter — tied the knot with Thulani Mutenje.

Amai Mugabe said, “When we talk of kutungamidza Mwari, some people take it for granted. I am one person who can give a testimony kuti ukatungamidza Mwari pamberi, zvinhu zvinoshanda.

“The things that I have been able to accomplish in life mesmerise me. I’m mesmerised. Ukabvunza VaDinha ava, kuMazowe kwandinoshanda uko, everyday I say Mwari kudzwai. I say Mwari, it’s not me. Maoko Enyu nebasa Renyu. It’s Your glory.”

Amai Mugabe added: “I actually could have managed to live at home, feel the warmth of State House, but I am a different person altogether.

“I have said I want to be exemplary to other women in the country and also women from other countries; to say that when you are in a certain position, you actually must lead by example. Zviito zvako, your deeds and actions must do the talking.

“Ukange watungamidza Mwari, Vanokupa the wisdom and so much desire. Hakuna chiri impossible. Hakuna zvisingaitike ukasheedza Zita raMwari.”

Amai Mugabe encouraged Zimbabweans to desist from blaming Government for their personal failures, but to aspire to succeed through innovation.

“Ndiri kukuwudzai kuti munamatire wisdom everyday nokuti mungave makaenda kuchikoro makadzidza zvakawanda, but kuti zvinyanye kufamba, namatirai wisdom nokuti ndo inoita kuti zvibudirire zvatinoita.

“I have seen people with PhDs asi hapana chinobudirira because zvinonzi dai hurumende, dai hurumende. We are sending you to school to get educated so that you become innovative. You can’t be relying on Government for everything. Government is only there to facilitate for us to be able to do business.”

The First Lady advised the newly-weds to love each other in order to overcome marital challenges.
She said, “Zvandinoitwa naVaMugabe. . .ndinochengetwa. Shuwa, ndinochengetwa. Ini ndinoti kana pandinenge ndakarara hope, ndinenge ndichabiwa ndakakotsira nekudiwa mhani. Tiri pano for a short time; let’s love each other.”

Cabinet ministers and other senior Government officials were among the guests.

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