Pupils go wild at Westgate nude party

31 May, 2015 - 00:05 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

Lorraine Muromo – Sunday Mail Reporter

Thirty secondary school pupils were on Friday picked up by police for questioning for attending a “nude party” in Harare’s Westgate suburb.

Photographs of the teenagers, some of whom appeared to be below 16 years, circulated on social media yesterday.

The images show some of them in underwear and others in school uniform while condoms and empty beer bottles were strewn all over the courtyard.

Police sources said they swooped on the house following a tip-off and took the teenagers to Mabelreign Police Station. Their parents later came to pick them up.

A source said: “The teenagers confessed to partying while in the nude and that it was not their first time to host such an event at that house. Everyone who attended was expected to be naked. There was every indication these children were engaging in sexual intercourse.

“The owner of the house appears to be living outside Zimbabwe and the caretaker has a habit of renting the place to the children.”

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