PSC calls for use of online portal for registration

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PSC calls for use of online portal for registration

The Sunday Mail

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is calling on unemployed teachers and other job-seekers to register on its online portal in order to be added onto the commission’s database of prospective employees.

In line with national digital economy drive as espoused under Vision 2030, the PSC is encouraging unemployed teachers and those seeking Government employment to make maximum use of the online portal.

Use of the online portal is not only convenient to all those with gadgets that can connect to the internet, but it also helps decongest offices and addresses problems with queues.

The online registration system be accessed through the URL:

This portal is run via the PSC Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS), which is being implemented under the national e-government online services and hosted on the Government of Zimbabwe e-services portal ZimConnect.

The system allows for registration and application wherever there is internet, including from outside the country.

Those who register form part of the PSC HRMIS candidate pool.

Job-seekers of any profession, including teachers and other prospective civil servants, can register and become part of the PSC database for consideration whenever there are vacancies.

The online registration system caters for:

Candidates registering for the first time on the PSC candidate registration system on the recruitment module;

Candidates who are already registered in the system who wish to update their registration details as a result of changes in their status (qualifications, contact details and etc);

Candidates responding to PSC advertisements posted on various media platforms.

Once job-seekers register on the online portal, they will be considered for suitable jobs as and when they become available.

In managing the pool of prospective candidates, the PSC liaises with line ministries and Government departments to ensure that registrants’ entries are updated every time a change occurs.

Here is how to use the online registration system step by step.

Step One

Go to (Alternatively one can also search for Zimconnect on Google.)

Step Two

On the page that opens, go to How to Apply then select the Click here to register option and a form opens up for you to complete. Fill out the form and submit. Once registered you will be assigned a unique registration number which will be sent to you via SMS or email.

Step Three

Return to the main page and select Zimbabwean Citizens Log In.

Those already registered must also select Zimbabwean Citizens Log In.

Step Four

Once logged in, locate the PSC section.

Take note of the various document attachments required and ensure that they are readily available to successfully make your application.

Please note that attachments should be in PDF format.

Step Five

Select the Advert Response option if you are responding to an advert or the New Candidate option or the Prospective Teacher Registration option if that is what applies.

Step Six

Wait for a confirmation assuring that your advert response application has been registered successfully.

Bringing these online services to job seekers is meant to achieve the following: reduce bureaucracy; increase efficiency; reduce the need for human interface to reduce opportunities for corruption.

Needless to point out, limiting human interface also reduces the spread of diseases like Covid-19.

This online registration facility also goes a long way in making services available and accessible to everyone everywhere, thereby leaving no one and no place behind.

This is part of a series of articles by the Public Service Commission aimed at engaging with and updating the public on matters of public interest that fall within its mandate.

For comments, enquiries and questions, please write to [email protected] Call: +263 242 700881-3 or 793926. WhatsApp +263 788 584 848.For more on the PSC and its programmes, visit or follow us on Facebook: Zimbabwe Public Service Commission or Twitter: @Public Service Commission Zimbabwe or LinkedIn: Public Service Commission Zimbabwe.


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