Prophet Passion Java’s Manna Feast

05 Oct, 2014 - 09:10 0 Views

The Sunday Mail

PASSION Java Ministries, led by the flamboyant Prophet Passion Java, are confident they will bring celebrated American mega-church leader Bishop Noel Jones to Zimbabwe to grace the church’s upcoming Manna Feast.

Java Ministries will hold the three-day Manna Feast beginning October 22 at Harare’s City Sports Centre, and Prophet Passion Java – recently anointed by Bishop Jones – has promised to deliver a powerful sermon before his spiritual father.

The Jamaican-born Bishop Jones usually draws huge crowds on his international tours and Zimbabwe could be no exception. An official with Java Ministries, Pastor Israel Mathews, confirmed Bishop Jones’ visit, saying his church’s capacity to stage the Manna Feast has “never been in doubt”.

He also explained Prophet Passion Java’s relationship with Bishop Jones.

“We are in constant contact with the bishop; everything is set and congregants should brace for a real manna feast. People should come and witness the hand of God at work, receive blessings and get an opportunity to fellowship. What we want is for Zimbabweans to grow in the spiritual realm.

“We are aware Bishop Jones draws huge crowds wherever he ministers and we are adequately prepared to host him here in Zimbabwe,” he said. “People might question why Prophet Passion is different from others, why his spiritual father is an apostle and not a prophet?

“The explanation is simple; Prophet Passion Java is a prophet who also focuses on the Word. This is time for a break from the prophetic season, let followers also hear the word of God and not just witness miracles.

“Ministering is not all about miracles; God’s people need to be enriched with the Word from the Almighty.”

Prophet Passion recently toured the United States where he was anointed by Bishop Jones and his return a fortnight ago was met with a rousing reception at Harare International Airport.

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