Prophet Magaya and power of ‘Voice Annointing’

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Prophet Magaya and power of ‘Voice Annointing’

The Sunday Mail

At PHD Ministries as soon as Prophet W. Magaya arrives and starts speaking on the microphone evil spirits begin to manifest.

He ministers a unique process called “Voice Anointing” during which he commands evil spirits and demons OUT by name.

Voice Anointing is another process of deliverance through which people are set free from physical, spiritual and economic bondage.

Remember evil spirits and demons operate on instructions, they were commanded into your life and all they need is another command by a highly anointed man of God to come out.

During this time Ushers run up and down the aisles rushing people manifesting with evil spirits to the front where Prophet W. Magaya will be standing at the pulpit.

Also remember that our Ministry is called Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries – meaning that healing, prophecy and deliverance take place giving a true demonstration of God’s power – a God of now not yesterday.

Your presence in this arena of liberty, the hub of mighty healing and the core of great miracles guarantees you open heavens all for the glory of God.

By the special grace of God, Prophet Magaya’s voice is equipped with healing and deliverance power.

Others suddenly start to throw up during this segment something that is beyond human comprehension as they would not have been given anything to induce it neither would they have made physical contact with the Prophet.

It does not matter how far one is standing from the man of God Prophet W. Magaya because distance is not a barrier – congregates standing 100 meters away are seen falling down in trances while others vomit strange stuff fed into their system several years back with some shaking and shouting at the top of their voices, an indication that the anointed voice of Prophet W. Magaya provokes evil spirits and demons into manifestation.

All glory is for the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

During or soon after the same session those that are unable to walk rise up from their wheelchairs or sick beds and start walking.

The blind open their eyes and see, those on crutches throw them away and start walking unaided.

The environment turns frenzy as the congregates break forth into screams, shouts and dancing in celebration.

Many have come here with doubt thinking it is fake but have been shocked to find themselves manifesting with evil spirits.

In the end as the anointed man of God continues to command the evil spirits and demons out all those who would have manifested are finally set free when the evil spirits flee from them during this unique process of Voice Anointing.

In that regard we encourage our congregates to attend our services regularly in order not to give the devil another chance as part of maintaining their deliverance. No one goes back with their evil spirits and the result is that people are set free from spiritual, physical and economic bondage – all for the glory of God.

The same voice Anointing takes place over the telecast of Yadah-Tv during which the anointed man of God encourages people out there to touch the screen of the telecast as he ministers Voice Anointing – a true indication that distance is not a barrier.

We receive thousands of emails daily from across the world as people testifying the goodness of the Almighty God in their lives as they participate in the Voice Anointing through the Yadah-Tv telecast.

We owe all the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth. What a Mighty God we serve!


Five years of continuous bleeding stopped in five days:

Brenda Rukavhai is barely 18 years of age but has been suffering from a problem of continuous bleeding since her menses began five years ago.

Her parents never took her to the doctor but instead gave her concoctions and herbs from traditional healers.

She would use up to five sanitary pads in a single day and up to 30 packets in a single month and would even run out and end up borrowing from friends.

She was sent back from school after she had gotten pale and weak and would constantly faint every time she was exposed to direct sunshine.

She got to know about PHD Ministries via telecast i.e. Yadah-TV and decided to attend one of our services on the 15th of October 2014.

It was during that service that she received the wonderful gift of the Anointing Oil. She never had a chance to have an encounter with the Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya neither was she laid hands upon.

She went home and started administering the Anointing Oil on her belly for a few consecutive days and each time she did she felt a moving object in her tummy.

That was what gave her the strength to continue applying the anointing oil because she had never experienced anything like it ever before.

It took only five days for God Almighty to complete the work and the bleeding ceased. She is now completely healed all for the glory of God.

20 years of insanity broken through Anointing Oil:

Miriam Chaparika’s sister Beaula Chaparika was mentally ill for 20 years before they got to know about PHD Ministries.

Miriam came in search of solution to her own problems but after witnessing the tremendous power of God working through His Servant of God Prophet W. Magaya she decided to look for her own sister whom she believed would regain sanity.

Beaula lost her sanity in 1994 when she got married and her husband sent her back to her family where she recovered her sanity and returned to her husband.

Whilst there the problem hit her again and at that time again her husband divorced her and the problem became permanent until recently.

She would always murmur to herself, would not bath and would go missing several times to be found hundreds of kilometres away.

They had gone to what the world terms solution centres in search of their own solution but to no avail.

At one point they were told it was a vengeance spirit that was tormenting their family.

They lost a lot of cattle and money as they tried to pay it off but they lost their wealth for nothing.

When Miriam came across her sister she administered drops of anointing oil which she was blessed with here (PHD Ministries) in her mouth and ears then she immediately regained her sanity.

We worship a God who acts now and rapidly.

Her life has been totally transformed and she now behaves like any other normal person all for the glory of God Almighty. — PHD Ministries

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