Prinston School; embracing the wonder of childhood

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Prinston School; embracing the wonder of childhood

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PRINSTON Infant and Preparatory School, a Trust School in Chitungwiza, next to Seke teachers’ College, last Saturday held their inaugural graduation ceremony.

The school is the brain child of  Maria and Itayi Chitsuwa, bankers by profession who are also products of Chitungwiza, who have dedicated their time and money to provide  good education for the children of Chitungwiza.

While they are taking the first steps towards the establishment of a school – they open doors to Grades 1-7 and will have an Academy for Forms 1-6 – their ultimate dream is to establish a private University in Chitungwiza.

Below are the speeches presented by one of the school’s directors Mrs Chitsuwa and the guest of honour, Mr T. D Jaravaza, a long time educationist, at the graduation ceremony.


Mrs Chitsuwa
The Guest of Honour, Mr Jaravaza, Ministry of Education Officials here present, invited guests, the parents of this wonderful school, the staff and children of Prinston School, it is an honour to stand before you and say a few words about our school.

Let me start by stating the history of our young school that is based mainly on the need for us to raise God fearing children who are hard working. We embrace the wonder of childhood and we love to nurture and engage all learners in exciting learning. We groom all our learners into responsible future individuals and we spare no effort in achieving the education of the total child.

We try to provide safe and stimulating and appropriate learning environment rich for the development of the whole child and we continue to improve in our provision of the 21st century learning.

As I take you on this year’s journey in retrospect, to where we are, we have made some little strides in the year under review up to this moment when we have this day of the learner graduating into primary school.

-We managed a decent refurbishment of the school premises.

-We have a decent water system and we have adequate water despite the challenges that Chitungwiza has.

-We will have a short day trip to Long Cheng play centre in Zimbabwe.

As we travelled together the journey was not all smooth as we have also encountered challenges. The shortages of cash resulted in late payments of fees. We have soldiered on despite the water challenges crippling Chitungwiza. I am happy to say that God the Almighty has been on our side and we have managed to stay afloat and deliver as promised despite all the challenges.

I call upon all stakeholders and especially our beloved parents to continue working even harder in support of their school. The challenges are not going away soon. It is us who should be stronger. We keep our doors open for you to come and discuss issues with us and in our quest to improve every facet of the school we call upon you to give us feedback that makes us a better school for every child.

We thank you wholeheartedly for such support. May the dear Lord bless you abundantly! You are free to access our wish and donate in furtherance of our improving the quality of teaching and learning of all learners.

Join me as I close, and wish the entire Prinston School family a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2017!  Drive safely on our roads and May the Lord Almighty protect us.

I thank you all.


T.D Jaravaza
The Ministry of Education Officials here present , the Directors of Prinston School, the parents of this wonderful school, the staff and children of Prinston school  , it gives me great pleasure to be your Guest at this colorful  event.

Let me start by congratulating Prinston School Directors for their brilliant initiative of educating these wonderful children. I personally am proud of their partnership with you parents. Kindly note that, we place great importance on Primary Education and treasure every child‘s childhood to be filled with playing, learning and this gives a very sound start to their academic lives. So we say to the founders of this school Makorokoto for this initiative that has seen you produce children who work so hard.

Secondly I will congratulate the entire Prinston school parents’ body. This school will achieve because it has quality parents like you. A school is as good as the parents it attracts. The high standards seen here are as a result of your efforts in demanding high quality teaching and your support with adequate resources to enable that teaching to happen. You are heroes of the 21st Century teaching in which every parent is expected to play a full role in supporting the learner in all spheres of learning! Allow me to quote Nelson Mandela who said” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ”  A clever parent wisely invests in the education of the child as you are doing here and by so doing giving your lovely children a head start that will see them thrive in this country.

Thirdly, I will encourage my fellow teachers to keep working hard at educating the young and fragile minds. The many hours you spent planning and delivering lessons will see you celebrating with your learners today. I would like to thank you for doing an honest job of building the nation through educating the future. You are a wonderful staff and I say your quality of teaching is exceptional and keep striving even for a higher grade of teaching.

Last but not least I would like to say well done to the 2016 child who is graduating. You are wonderful a child.  You worked hard to be here and as you are get prizes today, I say Makorokoto, Congratulations, and Amhlophe. You are lovely children and you all passed. Keep working hard and be the good children you always have been!

Allow me as I close to wish the entire Prinston School family, a Merry Christmas and Prosperous 2017!  Be safe on our roads and May the Lord Almighty keeps us safe till we meet again in the coming year. I thank you all!

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