President’s historic meetings documented

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President’s historic  meetings documented Cde Chipanga

The Sunday Mail

The Zanu-PF Youth League has launched a magazine, The Interface, which will document all Presidential Youth Interface Rallies and the First Couple’s other engagements.
The Interface will also capture major developmental initiatives President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe are spearheading.

At the seventh interface rally in Gweru last Friday, Zanu-PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Kudzanayi Chipanga said the path-breaking publication’s front cover will permanently feature the President and First Lady.

Cde Chipanga said, “This magazine is special as it will document all the meetings that the President has had with us. Our leader always gives us wise messages, and it is prudent that we preserve his speeches.

“We want it for our history and we will ensure that all our interfaces with the President are well-documented. The magazine has, as one of its rules, that its front cover will feature the President and First Lady as a show of our support for them and recognition of the major roles they play in our nation as father and mother.

“Any other magazine with the title ‘The Interface’, but does not carry President Mugabe and Amai Mugabe’s photographs on the front cover should be dismissed as phony.”

Cde Chipanga also spoke against divisive elements, saying: “Kurota uchitonga hazvina kuipa; chakaipa kufamba uchirotomoka. . . Zvakangofanana nemwana wegonzo anorota achipfimba mwana wekatsi. . .Amai Mugabe havatyisidzirwe zvekumhanya, ende isu, seyouth, tinoti pana amai ndipo pane mwana.
“Of course, pane vamwe vana venyu vangarasika apo neapo, but tinoti mune right yekutidisciplina nenzira ipi yamunoda.”

On war veterans, he said, “Mawar veterans havasi vanhu two who want to appear as if they are representing genuine war veterans. We are happy that war veterans, led by Cde Mandi Chimene and Cde Mlala, are behind President Mugabe.

“The few war veterans like Victor Matemadanda are not the leaders of the war veterans. Remember, the President is also a war veteran, the Vice-Presidents are also war veterans.”

Cde Chipanga implored youths not to tolerate candidate imposition come 2018, adding: “Only President Mugabe is guaranteed of his position. All the other positions are to be contested come next year. Incompetent MPs beware.”

Zanu-PF Midlands Provincial Youth Chairperson Cde Prosper Muchando said young people in that province needed land, regularised mining and possible appointment to parastatal boards.

Cde Muchando slammed factionalism and reaffirmed his constituency’s support for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF.

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