President headlines mining expo

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President headlines mining expo

The Sunday Mail

Vladimir Dube

ZIMBABWE’S drive to enhance mineral value addition and beneficiation will take centre stage during the 26th edition of the country’s premier mining, engineering and transport event — Mine Entra — which kicks off in Bulawayo on Wednesday.

President Mnangagwa will officially open the event on Thursday.

The three-day event will run under the theme “Accelerating Economic Transformation through Mineral Beneficiation”.

The indaba, organised by the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) Company — in partnership with the Chamber of Mines Zimbabwe and the Government — brings together local and international stakeholders in the mining sector.

In an interview, Ministry of Mines and Mining Development spokesperson Mr Wilfred Munetsi said preparations for the event are on track.

“This year’s theme calls on industry stakeholders to embrace technology and innovation in their mining processes, bearing in mind the importance of mineral beneficiation for Zimbabwe as a developing country,” he said.

“The Ministry of Mines and Mining Development is looking for a number of outcomes at this year’s Mine Entra, including increased investment in the mining sector.

“Mine Entra is a major platform for attracting foreign and domestic investment to the mining sector. The ministry is hoping that the expo will generate interest in new mining projects and lead to increased investment in the sector.

“The ministry is hoping that the expo will promote the adoption of new technologies and practices for the beneficiation of minerals, which will add value to Zimbabwe’s mineral output and create more jobs.”

In addition, he said, the event will seek to engender increased participation of small-scale miners in the formal economy.

He added: “Small-scale miners play an important role in the Zimbabwean mining sector, but many operate outside of the formal economy.

“The ministry is hoping that Mine Entra will help to formalise the small-scale mining sector and bring more small-scale miners into the mainstream economy.”

The event, said Mr Munetsi, also seeks to facilitate increased knowledge and skills development in the mining sector.

“Mine Entra is a valuable opportunity for mining professionals to learn about the latest technologies and trends in the industry.

“The ministry is hoping that the expo will help to improve the skills and knowledge of Zimbabwe’s mining workforce, making the sector more competitive.”

Further, at Mine Entra, the Government will also seek to enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors to facilitate growth of the industry.

“Mine Entra is a platform for the public and private sectors to come together and discuss ways to improve the mining sector.

“The ministry is hoping that the expo will foster collaboration between the two sectors and lead to the development of new policies and initiatives to support the growth of the mining industry.”

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