Preparing for Zim’s second divine encounter on July 30

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Flavian Zinyemba

“God has already restored Zimbabwe’s economy. We receive it by faith!”

Part 1 of this serial article outlined how God has begun the process of ensuring the recovery of Zimbabwe’s economy.

It began with Operation Restore Legacy, a supernatural and unexpected meeting between God and man. November 2017 is a month to be remembered locally and internationally. God used this event to draw the attention of the world to focus on Zimbabwe.

The sudden resignation of former President, Robert Mugabe gave some Western countries a reason to start the re-engagement process with Zimbabwe. Britain made promises stating that it was now prepared to help Zimbabwe recover economically. To substantiate this, she organised a group of British potential investors to come on a fact-finding mission, which they did.

They expressed great enthusiasm. The UK also promised to work towards re-admitting Zimbabwe into the Commonwealth.

Britain was also prepared to see the end of the thorny Zimbabwe land question. She was ready to assist in raising funds to compensate the white former commercial farmers, a thing she had previously resisted.

Britain stated that she was prepared to work with any party that would legitimately win the forthcoming July elections. These are no little things. They are certainly major policy changes which, when completed will change the economy and image of Zimbabwe in a very short space of time.

Since these pronouncements were prompted by God, what Britain promised was actually God speaking through her. Encounters with God require faith. Whatever God promises will always come to pass. Whatever we do now should reflect that God remembered our nation in 2018 and healed our economy. Even when it has not yet happened, faith says it has been done.

A God-sized assignment that needs God

While God made promises through Britain, they have remained promises without implementation. God made the international companies to pledge businesses ventures amounting to over US$16 billion, but these have remained promises.

To complicate the situation, the USA again renewed her economic sanctions, the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (Zidera), making it even tougher to achieve re-engagement with Zimbabwe.

The international community subsequently put forward two pre-conditions, before making firm commitments. First, they requested that Zimbabwe should demonstrate to the world that she is adopting sound economic policies that would help revive the economy.

Second, and most importantly, Zimbabwe should show that the coming elections are peaceful, free, fair and credible. Once these are demonstrated, all the promises become firm commitments.

These pre-conditions are beyond our ability to achieve. They are a God-sized assignment. They require God’s intervention. They are humanly impossible. The Bible in Mark 10:27 says,“Jesus looked at them and said, ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God, all things are possible.’”

As Zimbabweans vote tomorrow, July 30, what they need to know is that the God who united all people across the political and racial divide during Operation Restore Legacy and marched them as one man, celebrating peacefully — that same God will meet the requirements of these pre-conditions.

God can turn the pre-conditions (challenges) to bring glory to Himself. The setting up of pre-conditions was God’s way of making Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections, its economic turning point, with the world watching.

 Mt Horeb: Experiencing the power of God’s altar

At this point we start to reveal some hidden power that God has been preparing for Zimbabwe’s economic breakthrough. It is the power of Zimbabwe, building a national altar to God.

I would recommend you dear reader, to get a book entitled “The Altaring Lifestyle: Building a more powerful relationship with God” by Pastor Chichi Bismark. Pastor ChiChi outlines why you need to establish an altar for yourself, your family and for your nation.

An altar is a place of encounter with God, representing the presence of God. It is a place of prayer.

A corporate or national altar is a place where individuals from different denominations or churches go to pray and worship God.

Mt Horeb was God’s mountain, an altar that God built as a meeting place with Israel. At the burning bush, God invited Moses to bring the children of Israel to Mt Horeb where God was going to demonstrate His presence among His people.

The Garden of Gethsemane was a prayer altar for the Lord Jesus in Jerusalem.

When God calls on people to build their altars, He wants to empower them to carry out a major assignment for Him.

When Elijah repaired the altar at Mount Carmel, this singular event caused ripples among nations. Fire came down, and fear came back to the house of God.

One type of altar is the breakthrough altar. We build a breakthrough altar when we have a specific pending matter — when we are desperate for something to happen. We go to our breakthrough altar to persevere in prayer, wrestling, until God speaks to us.

 God built a breakthrough altar for Zimbabwe

God has built a huge National Prayer Altar for Zimbabwe. It is a product of a vision that God gave me in 1962, at a tender age of nine.

My whole life has been a covenant walk with God in accomplishing, step-by-step what God had put in my heart.

Some 20 years ago (1998), God confirmed the building of this centre through a powerful prophetic message given through Cindy Jacobs in 1998.

It said, “Your nation came through treachery but God will restore it. You shall be given a piece of land, a beautiful place to pray. You shall build a place to watch and pray. It shall be like a compound with a place to sleep.”

God provided the site through the land reform programme, as the prophecy said, “Your nation came through treachery but God was going to restore it.”

The site is on Protea Farm, Glendale in Mazoe, some 60km outside Harare. It is called “Mt Zion”, which means the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:22). The building started some 15 years ago.

Over this period, many people and church groups have been to this centre, coming to spend days at a time in prayer.

The largest single recorded group had 6,000 people in 2006. God has shown His presence on this place, with testimonies of healings and answers to prayers. The centre is now ready to be dedicated, which will be done on July 28, 2018 — two days before people go to the polls.

Zimbabwe did a prophetic act on Mt Zion

As a nation, we are facing a God-sized crisis. We needed to meet God at His altar, at Mt Zion. It is Zimbabwe’s breakthrough altar.

That is where our economic breakthrough awaited us. We needed to register this with God by doing a prophetic worship at the mountain of God.

On July 30 we will be busy with the voting, confirming the leadership of God’s appointed leader for this nation, President Mnangagwa.

The venue was Protea Farm in Glendale. Invited were all the Christian denomination priesthood (archbishops, bishops, apostles, priests, pastors, evangelists, elders, deacons) and all believers.

There is power in prophetic worship. We did what we had never done before. On that day the people encamped at the mountain of God (Mt Zion).

The priesthood dedicated this altar, covenanting with God on behalf of our nation. Our being by the mountain of God was like raising the rod of Moses, or carrying the Ark of the Covenant to fight our battle.

What we expected to experience was a divine encounter on July 30. We will see God make all international election observers experience a sense of great peace, freedom, and credibility of our election.

The world should turn their previous economic pledges into firm commitments. We must experience what we have never seen before, as nations will queue up blessing Zimbabwe.

As the children of Israel left Egypt, God gave them favour before the Egyptians and they were blessed by their enemies, over and above what they needed. (Exodus 12:35)

We should see God changing the hearts and minds of the US Congressmen, causing them to make an urgent review to remove Zidera. We should see foreign companies committing themselves to establish new businesses in Zimbabwe. This should translate into the creation of many new jobs and the improvement of the standard of living for our citizens.

God should change Zimbabwe’s image internationally. Zimbabwe will never again be in international news for violent elections.

In 1998, God sent a prophecy through Cindy Jacobs that said, in part, “A treaty to be written with other nations, and Zimbabwe will be like Switzerland . . . ”

On July 30, 2018, God will see Zimbabwe writing a treaty of re-engagement with other nations. However, we need to first visit our breakthrough altar.

Flavian Zinyemba, is the founder of Christian Organisations Support Ministry, a non-denominational Christian organisation. He can be contacted on [email protected]; 0772 473 352 (Phone/WhatsApp)


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