Prayer for the seven pillars

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Prayer for the seven pillars

The Sunday Mail

Veronica Gwaze
Vision Protectors Ministries International (VPIM) leader and visionary, Pastor Violet Kadzunge, has kicked off her pastoral tours across the country for thanksgiving prayers.

The tours are also meant to strengthen relations with congregants across denominations nationwide.

Running under the theme “Marching in Prayer Walks”, the tours will culminate into a massive conference set for June 29 and 30 in Harare, in conjunction with Zimbabwe National Elders Forum (ZNEF).

Pastor Kadzunge said the tours will round up all the provinces, mobilising the nation ahead of the big event.

“As vision protectors, we believe the nation needs to unite for a cause and this is why these pastoral tours are important to us. The tours are meant to mobilise the nation for the big day in Harare at a venue yet to be finalised,” she said.

“Our theme is derived from a prophecy I received from God. Our theme scripture is Revelations 3:6 which reads, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches,” said Pastor Kadzunge.

The service will unveil God’s prophecy on the seven pillars of the nation. These are the family, church, health, education, economy, Government and arts.

“People should understand that there are two types of visions — a vision for the individual and a vision for the nation. The vision for the nation needs protection and assistance for it to come to fruition and it is that assistance that we are calling for from the nation.

“God this year spoke mightily about our nation and it is through his request that we pray for these seven pillars of the nation because these are the poles that hold the nation together,” she said.

The major event will start off with a thanksgiving march and prayer for the nation.

“The Lord requested that as a nation this year, we set aside one day to give him thanks for guiding the nation over for the peaceful transition we had in November 2017,” she said.

Previously, the thanksgiving prayer was held on June 25, which is the day the thanksgiving movement was launched in 2016, but this year it has been shifted to June 29 and 30.

“The main thrust for the formation of Vision Protectors was to positively ponder upon the nation and the positive things God has done for it.

“Also to keep track of the things God has promised for the nation by prophetically positioning the messages and promises over our nation,” she said.

Pastor Kadzunge says on a visit in Guatemala in 1998, Prophetess Cindy Jacobs prophesied fish swimming in a powerful torrent of water that was flowing through Zimbabwe.

She said the prophecy revealed
that God will use Zimbabwe like a jewel, helping to feed the world once again with her produce and that God will break the curse that came through war.

“New factories will be built and the nation will have ministry of reconciliation that will unite African people because the anointing of reconciliation will be all over her.

“Although it may look like you are going backward, do not be afraid of the change. Wickedness will be exposed at high levels and the army will be there to stop the war and bloodshed that Satan will try to bring,” prophesied Jacobs.

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