Poetic inspiration from a philosopher

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Poetic inspiration  from a philosopher

The Sunday Mail

IT has been a while since I read motivational literature. My supply of fiction has been that consistent.

But recently a colleague introduced me to the works of Canada-based Zimbabwean philosopher and entrepreneur Matshona Dhliwayo, who has authored books like “The Art of Winning”, “The Little Book of Inspiration”, “Creativity”, “The Book”, “50 Lessons Every Wise Mother Teaches Her Son”, “100 Lessons Every Great Man Wants You to Know” and “Lalibela’s Wise Man”.

“The Art of Winning” is a collection of maxims for success at whatever it is you choose to do with your life.

Of course, there is no secret formula for success, no magic bullet. But there are mental, tactical and structural frameworks that bring success within grasp.

It is these that Dhliwayo provides, and he does so with poetic expression that makes for truly good reading and sound advice.

Dhliwayo starts off with the “Winner’s Manifesto #1”, where he lays out the positive mind-set that one needs to have to steer through life’s challenges. The need to conquer fear, overcome weakness, surmount disappointment and stay strong are underscored.

Right from the start, you can tell that Dhliwayo is not just piling words or culling inanities that are oft-repeated by “self-help gurus” but is thoughtfully and expressively laying down a foundation for approaches to life and its vicissitudes.

“You will meet doubt, but when it speaks, despise it. You will encounter fear, but when it roars, defy it. You will confront failure, but when it howls, deride it. You will wrestle confusion, but when it shouts, disregard it,” Dhliwayo counsels.

The melodic way he combines intellect, art and pragmatism gives Dhliwayo’s works a unique flair.

From him you can get refreshing reads that depart from the ordinary and generalisations that are so often associated with motivational literature.

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