BRIDAL: Planning the big day without stress

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BRIDAL: Planning the big day without stress

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Tendai Mbirimi  – Bridal Writer

In planning your wedding, always remind yourself that nobody — not even your family — owes you anything.

The journey to your big day is associated with excitement and ecstasy, which bear testimony that you and your partner form the best company. This should make it easier for you to love, accept and respect each other’s family as well as appreciate their input during planning.

However, no one from either family is obliged to help you during the planning stages of your wedding. Accept the assistance from those willing but do not be offended if your own immediate family fails to chip in.

It is important to know that you and your groom are the ones who create the atmosphere on your day.

If you get up to dance, everyone will join you on the dance floor and have a good time. But if you are gloomy or shy then your wedding can fly past your head.

Importantly, have a budget and stick to it. Yes it is possible to have your dream wedding on a low budget.

The only way you can do this is if you decide to have your own wedding not according to anyone’s standards. Do not be under pressure to outdo a previous wedding or to impress the world.

It is a proud moment, but do not get caught up in wanting to show off.

The following are 10 guidelines to achieving your dream wedding:

1. Note that a wedding is a project and it needs to be planned with an end in sight. Compile a priority list and put a value to each priority, then keep that list for cross check whenever you spend.

2. Target a venue that provides everything, that is, chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery, deco, catering and aim for off season discounts too. April, August and December are not the only times to wed.

3. Always make provisions for weather changes though, but do not be afraid to go against the odds.

4. Another way to cut on costs is to get a simple ring then always upgrade as you go, we know a “diamond is a girl’s best friend” but if your budget is tight do not force matters.

5. You can also consider going somewhere close by for honeymoon to avoid more expenses

6. If you can afford a planner then get one but do not let them bully you into living out their ideas only. If you cannot or are too particular, then be wise, use the internet, Google some ideas and plan your own wedding then just get coordinators for the day.

7. Be creative, think of a theme and dare to be different. The theme should reflect what you and your groom like.

8. Do not borrow money for your wedding! Try to avoid debt by all means because there is life after the wedding and it will set you back and cause unnecessary tension during your first stages in marriage.

9. Weddings are intimate, agree on a number you can afford to feed and limit your guest list to those that really know you and will celebrate with you.

The money you are planning to feed the world can be used for something else like nicer deco or cake.

By the way, if someone has pledged, just go ahead and plan as though no one has pledged. That protects you from being disappointed if one fails to honour.

10. Do not count on the gifts or money, you will be disappointed. A wedding is not a profit making event.


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