Our VID heroes . . . Never lose infinite hope

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Our VID heroes . . . Never lose infinite hope

The Sunday Mail

Primrose Nyarai Thonje
University of South Africa Law student
When it comes to driving, some people believe it is a skill in you when you come into this world while others argue that an old dog can learn new tricks.

They see it is a matter of passion and anything can be accomplished. Regardless of the differences, our nation has systems in place meant to determine one’s capability on the road and it is those people whom the system put in place for that we should give a pat on the back.

There is a mother who wishes to get a job and her obstacle is a class 4 driver’s license. She only took lessons three weeks prior the expiration of her license as she was saving up. She mumbles a prayer as she gets in the car for testing in good faith.

There is a father whose only hope is getting that class 2 license and a truck driver job will be his source of income instead of random menial jobs. He is frustrated after parting with over $100  dollars and in spite of it being his second booking on the same day he still hit that drum. His nerves are still all over the place and the other learners eyeing him are not helping. How will he face his family?

There is a son who saved up all his pocket money at school with the hope of not enduring his mother’s illness while his late father’s car is parked in the garage. He cannot afford to have his mother at the mercy of an ambulance again and ensuring the car does not roll back during the hill start that sent him packing last time is his ticket out.

Then there is a daughter who lives in a slowly eroding chauvinistic society who wishes to prove to her father that she is worthy of carrying his name. To prove to the  drivers who threw insults at her while she was learning on the road that she only needed time. They have forgotten that they were not born good drivers.

To prove the VID instructor wrong, who once told her she was going nowhere slowly because she moved like a snail afraid to switch off the car by letting go of the clutch too quickly. More importantly not to let her instructors down who, in spite of everything, never lost faith in her.

August is the month of celebrating our heroes and heroines. Regardless of the Heroes and Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day celebrations being over and done with, the momentum lives on. As we show gratitude to these gallant sons and daughters let us also acknowledge the learner drivers. They are a recurring example of Martin Luther King Jnr’s words. ‘We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. ’


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