Opposition must take responsibility

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Opposition must take responsibility Dr Chombo

The Sunday Mail

Dr Ignatius Chombo
The imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the West and its allies is a neo-colonial strategy to effect regime change and has had a negative impact on the livelihoods of ordinary Zimbabweans.

Whilst the West wants the world to believe that the sanctions are targeted restrictive measures on senior Government officials, their impact on ordinary citizens is clear testimony to the fact that the move is a strategy to anger the electorate, and eventually effect regime change. The decision to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe is a direct response to President Mugabe’s move to repossess and redistribute land that was forcibly taken away from Zimbabweans by white settlers. This resulted in the creation of MDC, a Western brainchild whose objective is to protect white interests.

It is common knowledge that MDC advocated for imposition of sanctions and as such should take responsibility for the economic challenges that Zimbabwe faces today.

They should, therefore, call for the removal of sanctions before mobilising people against Government. Ironically, the MDCs have been busy mobilising victims of the economic embargo against Government. Again it purports to represent vendors, whose wares are being looted and destroyed by supporters.

This behaviour shows lack of clarity and exposes the opposition’s hypocritical tendencies.

The effects of sanctions include hyperinflation, inability to sustain our national currency, cash shortages and unemployment as indigenous companies continue to face viability challenges when companies relocated to other countries.

It is sad to note that the same companies, some of whom are operating in South Africa, have targeted Zimbabwe as a market for their finished products. This explains why South Africa-based companies had to hire protestors against Government over Statutory Instrument 64 of 2016.

In view of these challenges, Government has worked tirelessly to equip its citizens with survival strategies as evidenced by economic indigenisation, agricultural mechanisation and irrigation development, SMEs development and several other interventions to economically empower Zimbabweans.

Having failed to convince the electorate to vote against President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, the opposition, sponsored by neo-colonialists, have adopted new strategies to unseat a democratically-elected President.

The proliferation of media attacks on Government, anti-Government protests, cyber-terrorism, violence against law enforcement agents, looting and destruction of private and public property by the opposition are indicative of desperate attempts to cause civil unrest.

The recent disturbances are desperate attempts to illegally remove a legitimate Government after realising that sanctions have failed to yield their desired results.

However, peace-loving Zimbabweans have condemned and shunned these anti-Government protests.

They understand that any leadership change should be determined by the electorate, and not by self-serving individuals who masquerade as liberators.

Dr Ignatius Chombo is Zanu-PF Secretary for Administration and Minister of Home Affairs Minister

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