Operation impress the boss

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The Sunday Mail

CHARLES NYAMASVI knows that he has to ‘impress the boss’ for him to be signed by Japanese Volleyball Challenge League club Oita Miyoshi Wessie Adler.

The 25-year-old power hitter is in Oita for a trial stint which was facilitated by former Zimbabwe captain Murray Ndlovu who also plays for the club. For the one and half weeks the Support Unit player has been in the island nation, he has been awe-struck by the sports facilities, he is loving the food and can now say ‘thank you’ and ‘hello’ in Japanese.

Oftentimes he moves with a translator as he copes with the Japanese summer.

“They said I have to impress the boss,” said Nyamasvi when asked if he knew how the trials were going to be conducted. It’s off season, the season starts in November, but for now the team will be involved in tournaments and friendlies.

“I haven’t watched them play but I have started lessons on the team’s system before I start training.”

So what has he been up to?

“I have been good copying the environment and all, but it’s hot and humid. I am training in the morning and afternoon. Last Sunday I went out for a movie with the club owner before dinner with his wife and two guys from the team.”

What is he eating in Japan?

“English is a problem a little bit here, so they explain in Japanese unfortunately my translator won’t be there sometimes, but its good food.

“It’s been good, trust me, healthy food nice diets for sports persons,” he said.

Having Ndlovu around has helped Nyamasvi settle quickly, but naturally he misses his family.

“He is a good guy, no lie the guy has a heart even up to now he makes sure you settle.

“But I miss my family, my wife and our one-year six month old baby Hailey. I talk to them every time I touch my phone, I don’t mind this seven-hour time difference,” he said.

If Nyamasvi succeeds in ‘impressing the boss’ he will be given time to come back home before heading back to Japan just before the start of the season.


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