Of mobile devices and the social media

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Of mobile devices and the social media

The Sunday Mail

Bus5IN a few days, Zimbabwe will be hosting its first social media forum courtesy of TechZim.

Discussions will obviously centre on the social media, itself an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.

Social media is a two-way medium, which is basically people having a conversation online.

In 2007 Time magazine reported that social media overtook porn as the number one most popular internet activity.
Gtel, a manufacturer of world class smartphones, will be present to give an update of how communication gadgets have evolved, particularly in an era where everything is going social via mobile devices. Mobile technology is gaining ground and evolving at a breath-taking pace. A recent study discovered that people prefer using the internet on their mobile devices rather than on a computer.

It makes sense, our lives are getting busier! But it’s more than that.
In our society, computers are either unavailable or unaffordable.

Many people, however, now own smartphones. Here are some interesting statistics:

  • 40 percent of twitter users use twitter from their mobile devices
  • 48 percent of Facebook users daily are on mobile devices and 49% of the company’s advertising revenues, its key revenue driver, now come from mobile ads.
  • 200 million active users on Instagram.
  • 75 percent of Pinterest users are from mobile devices.
  • YouTube generates more than 600 million mobile views a day and 72 hours of video every minute.

The future of social media

If you take a look at how social platforms are evolving (simplicity, highly personal and customisable), these advancements will only be enhanced by modern mobile technology.

People are spending more and more time online, connected to their networks.
This will eventually become a permanent thing.

Mobile devices will ensure that we get news seconds after it happens. That we never miss another friend’s birthday or special occasion. That we are able to share in the experiences of our friends, family and associates on a micro level.

Platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook were built to thrive on the mobile phone.

There’s a reason for that! While we’ll always have our main centre of operations on our desktops, the social mobile will become a part of us.

So the next time you decide to go social, you want to consider the best way, the cost effective way and the most reliable device to do it through.

And Gtel has readily proved capable of providing the right gadgets.

The company also offers a robust warranty and after service customer care centre, something you don’t want to miss.

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