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OCEAN MUSHURE needs to brush his teeth until that yellow stuff vanishes, sit down and count his blessings.

Mushure has been contaminating the air with his foul-smelling mouth, running from pillar to post shouting “I was robbed”. The Dynamos captain reckons he was robbed of the 2017 Soccer Star of the Year crown and says without shame that he was a better player than eventual winner Rodwell Chinyengetere.

Mushure even tries to show he has a pair by accusing the selectors of lacking objectivity. You know what, Ocean comes across as a good guy, a lad who came to town late but still managed to work his way to the top.

He dresses funny but that is none of our football business. His teeth are yellow bones but that too is none of our football business. He has a Prophet he believes in, a guy who talked him out of joining FC Platinum because something big was coming.

That something big is yet to arrive and today Mushure is owed over $3 000 by DeMbare. All that too is none of our football business! What our business, however, is Mushure’s attempts to discredit a process that gave us Chinyengetere because he didn’t win the big one himself.

There are so many negatives to argue against the selection process but the fact that Mushure didn’t win the big one is not one of them.

Instead of crying I was robbed, Ocean could have argued that Kevin Moyo had a better season than Chinyengetere. Mushure could have also argued that King Amla only came to life during the latter stages of the season while people like Devon Chafa were on point from Match Day One.

But nay, he didn’t do that.

If Mushure is not the winner then the process is flawed, so reckons the former Monomotapa man. Fellow Zimbabweans, please allow me to take Madzibaba Mushure to the cleaners. Yours Truly will only leave him when he is ready to wear the apology jersey.

Hope you remember the jersey; that one made famous by one Kudzai, who is not Kudzai Nyamupfukudza, the Makepekepe man. Look, Mushure is dangerously hallucinating and cannot be allowed to continue.

If the truth is to be told, as it must, this guy is lucky to have been named among the top three players. Among the XI stars yes but top three?

No ways!

With his 17 goals Dominic Chungwa can be argued to have been better than Mushure during the just ended season. Qadr Amini did business in the same position as Mushure and was country miles ahead of the Dynamos skipper. There was indeed a time when Mushure was the best player in the land, driving Dynamos with his goals and assists.

However, when it mattered most Mushure sunk into an Ocean and Dynamos’ title charge consequently lost impetus. He went missing in the big games against Caps United, FC Platinum, Ngezi Platinum and Highlanders.

Against Bosso, at Rufaro, he was even substituted and resorted to throwing extra balls onto the pitch in a desperate bid to save Dynamos’ back side. In making his palm tree inspired argument Mushure steps on a few toes, including those of his teammates.

“I’m not really happy to be voted the second runner-up. I thought I deserved better because of the contribution I made to the team this season.

“Compare the work that I did with the quality that was around me, and that of those who have been chosen ahead of me, I think I did better,” raged Ocean in comments carried by NewsDay last week.

He frothed on: “I won the Cosafa Cup, which might not count much on these awards, but the mere fact that I was called to the national team.

“Football wise, I think I was way better than them. So maybe the panel was looking at other things, otherwise I did better.

“The panellists should be rational when choosing the best players of the season.” If he knew very well that the Cosafa Castle Cup was not considered during selection why did Mushure raise it to back his case?


The guy is clutching at straws and his claim that he single-handedly drove Dynamos is debatable because lads such as Tich Chipunza and Peace Makaha put in real shifts. There are so many things wrong with a selection process that ignores Elvis Chipezeze, a process that ignores the consistency of Lameck Nhamo but we have to be objective in our criticism.

Let’s raise points and not emotions as we debate this one straight into 2018. Sadly Mushure raised emotions and has just got the Sir spanking he thoroughly deserves.

Asante Sana.

Sir exits the scene!

Sir is a social media football commentator and be contacted on a [email protected]

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