Now that’s how one ends a story

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Now that’s how one ends a story

The Sunday Mail

Tinashe Kusema

IN as far as storytelling goes, it should never be understated that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has set the bar high.

“Avengers-Endgame”, as a standalone movie, was not just a great film. It was also a sublime piece of cinema. I say so because it was a culmination of over 15 years of storytelling and more than 20 released movies.

The above speaks volumes about the writers’ artistry, forward-thinking and vision.

But then, this is not a Marvel movie review, rather it is about the 2017 smash hit “IT”, which set its own bar in as far as horror movies go.

It goes without saying that a near-perfect and equally transcendent movie ending was a must for the much touted sequel “IT-Chapter 2”.

The sequel has been out for some time now and here is the verdict — “IT-Chapter 2” has a near-perfect ending.

The movie takes place roughly 27 years after the Loser’s Club made up of Beverly, Bill, Richie, Mike, Ben, Andy and Eddie finally conquer their

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