Noisemakers basking in the limelight

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The Sunday Mail

There is a breed that seems to have it all no matter what, they seem to have the best of what the world offers.
The Sunday Mail Leisure takes a look at some of these noisemakers who seem to enjoy basking in the limelight.
Makosi Musambasi
Makosi came onto the public scene at a time when the country was sliding into unprecedented social, political and economic upheaval.
During this time, the bubbly, charismatic and stunning lady provided Zimbabweans with plenty to talk about, not only because of foxy behaviour, but also because of her provocative political analysis. This, we suspect, she did only to get attention. During her days in the Big Brother (UK), she claimed to be a virgin upon entering the house, went on to pose for the cameras and controversially kissed a female housemate. She is now back in the country having turned a new leaf and still making the headlines as a TV presenters, businesswoman and humanitarian.Beverly “Bev” Sibanda
This lady never fails to surprise us. The raunchy dancer can pull any stunt just to keep herself in the limelight. Her career has been marred with a series of controversies.
Each time Bev has sensed impending decline in gate-takings or general popularity, the adult entertainer has proceeded to pull impressive stunts. Whether one hates or likes her, the undeniable fact is that her tricks have worked wonders in keeping the limelight on her. In 2012, when all was not so rosy for her dancing outfit, Bev went on to introduce the “bottle dance”. The dance routine set Bev and Delta Beverages on a collision course over the indecent use of beer bottles in her act.
But of all the stunts that she has played in her career, it is the Prophetic Healing Deliverance Ministries one that got everyone’s attention. For a moment, the night-life aficionado hoodwinked people into believing that she had been “born again”.
As Zimbabweans were still trying to come to terms with this development, they were again hit with headlines that the raunchy dancer had slipped back to raunchy dancing.
Besides pulling these searing manoeuvres, Bev has also managed to maintain relevance through cat-and-mouse fights with fellow pole dancer Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani.Tinopona Katsande
Better known as Joyce after her role in the soap opera “Studio 263”, Tinopona or simply Tin-Tin, has had her fair share of controversies.
Despite coming from a well-to-do family and having been spurred to stardom by acting, Tin-Tin has gone on to become involved in questionable activities. Last year, she became fodder for the media after the leak of her sex tape. The sex tape somewhat over-shadowed all her previous achievements, the sex tape is all that people now associate her with.
Tin-Tin has been known to use any platform or circumstance to keep her popularity afloat. The socialite made headlines a year or so ago, after she posted pictures of her swollen and bruised face after an altercation with her boyfriend, Brian Munjodzi.
Though some argued the pictures were meant to help fight domestic violence, critics contend that for Tin-Tin, it was a way to get attention since she eventually went on to drop charges against her boyfriend. This is what she had to say in one of her interviews after the gruesome incident, “Did I forgive Brian? Yes, I did, the very morning after he beat me, I forgave him. Do I talk to Brian? Yes, I do talk to Brian. Are we going to do a Rihanna-Chris Brown? Honestly, I am not yet sure.”Pokello Nare
To date, the former Big Brother Africa housemate and top socialite Pokello Nare is rated as one of the biggest beneficiaries of controversial behaviour. She became a revered celebrity overnight courtesy to her leaked sex tape that featured musician/rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme. The home made X-rated production, which many believe was deliberately leaked, gave Pokello a chance to dine and wine with some of Africa’s top socialites at the last edition of reality television Big Brother Africa. The BBA stint subsequently linked Pokello to her now fiancée Elikem Kumordzie.
Soon after her engagement to Elikem during the televised Ghana  Music Awards, Pokello caused a stir on social media networks when she  seemingly boasted about her loose morals by declaring on Twitter, that, “Unobva washaya kuti vaya vanovenga vanovengerei. Wozonzwa zvichinzi mahure haaroorwi . . . (You wonder why they are haters. Some people say prostitutes do not get married . . .) Anything for the attention it seems. Sandra Ndebele
Sandy, as she is affectionately known by her fans, hogged the limelight with her “notorious” dance skills way before the rise of the now trendy dance groups. In fact she can be credited (or discredited, if you prefer) for playing a crucial part in the emergence of this sector (dance).
Since the embryonic stages of her career, Sandy not only made headlines for her bawdy dance moves, but also for her skimpy outfits that left little or nothing to the imagination.
In 2011, she was to further up her bar when she made a number of public performances during the advanced stages of her pregnancy. At one point in her career, the Seventh Day Adventist worshipper announced that she would be switching to gospel music. That, however, has not happened yet. Zodwa Mtunzi
Unlike all the characters above, this corporate lady is on the quiet side. It is, however, her relationship with one of Harare’s top socialites, Genius Kadungure of the US$17 000 birthday bash fame, that has sometimes seen her become public talk.
At one point, she was reported to have been involved in a cat fight with the daughter of a flamboyant and popular businessman over an alleged relationship that she suspected
the vivacious lady (daughter of the flamboyant businessman) was
having with her boyfriend (Kadungure). Apart from this and her other fancy social activities that come with her status, Zodwa has made headlines through court cases trying to recover money that her travel agency, Traverze Travel, would have been duped.

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