No ring, no church regalia

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No ring, no church regalia

The Sunday Mail

Tendai Mbirimi
Friends and colleagues are important in times of need. Even our culture has room for a family buddy (sahwira), in whose ears even the most classified information is whispered. Family friends play a major role in conflict resolution. But not always do we find ourselves in the company of good friends, at times we find ourselves in bad company where such companionship ends up corrupting us.

A true friend should be ready to give solid advice. And I recently found myself as the friend in need when one of my buddies came to me on a way forward after playing hide-and-seek with his partner about tying the knot.

There are many reasons why women push for weddings. Likewise, there are many reasons why some men do not want to solemnise their unions.

“Why is she pushing hard to wed? Does my wife harbour sinister motives against me and what I have acquired?” My friend queried.

Unlike Pepukai Zvemhare (Ba Tencen) who came all the way from South Africa for a comic expedition only to discover upon going on stage at HICC that he had forgotten his humourist tools-box across the Limpopo, I did not disappoint.

Along with my “bridal tool box”, I expeditiously resolved the stalemate between the two and they will tie the knot in two weeks.

The response I got from the wife may sound astounding or silly to those who do not know the power and contribution of religion to a marriage. She just wants to wear their church regalia.

My friend and his wife are full-time members of the Methodist Church. When it comes to church regalia, the Methodist Church has some of the best in Zimbabwe.

However, the regalia is a no-go area for those who are yet to do the honourable thing — wed.

My friend’s wife has not been able to wear the uniform since the pair got together and this has been eating her from the inside out.

She had endured every trick possible to make her husband see how tying the knot resonated with their faith. No ulterior motive was harboured; she just wanted to wear the church uniform.

To many men, a white wedding does not rate highly on their list of priorities.

But for just about all women, this one of the most important events in their lives and it is one not to be passed up.

It is not that all women want a big, expensive wedding. They simply want recognition. They also want the little things that come with a wedding ring — such as a church uniform.

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