Nkosana Moyo scoffs at bullet trains, spaghetti roads

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Nkosana Moyo scoffs at bullet trains, spaghetti roads

The Sunday Mail

Norman Muchemwa
Alliance for the People’s Agenda (APA) president Dr Nkosana Moyo says when elected into office, his government’s major priority will be infrastructure development before “wild dreams” of bullet trains and spaghetti roads.

The former Industry and Trade Minister, who resigned from Government in 2000, is one of the 23 presidential candidates contesting in the July 30 elections.

Dr Moyo, who claims that he is too smart to be a politician, bemoaned the country’s dilapidated infrastructure and said it needs to be upgraded before the country can talk of bullet trains.

“Our economy has collapsed, all those who are under 40 years, there is a high probability that they have never been employed. Many people in Zimbabwe live with little hope of finding a decent job.

“Thousands of people endure the indignity of being street vendors, constantly harassed by the police and abused by politicians.

“The APA government will be mandated to create an environment conducive for decent employment,” he said.

Dr Moyo added: “Our infrastructure has collapsed. If an economy is not working, and not making money to invest in infrastructure, then the infrastructure will collapse, whether schools, hospitals, roads or power. It’s very easy to identify these things.

“Before we start talking about bullet trains and spaghetti roads, let us first address issues affecting our population. There is a child who is going to school barefoot and others are learning in dilapidated shades, let’s address those issues first.”

In his manifesto, Dr Moyo said his government will create non-partisan state institutions.

The party pledges to provide a law enforcement system where all people will be protected by the law and treated equally.

“We will eliminate all corruption in the police and judiciary services and uphold and respect constitutionalism so that all are equal under the law in spite of their station in life,” reads the manifesto.

Dr Moyo is confident that his government will be able to address the cash shortages in the country.

“The current shortage of money and disappearing value of bond notes will come to an end so that each Zimbabwean can get their money in any amount, at any place, at any time,” reads the party manifesto

Turning to the issue of traditional leaders, the manifesto states that: “We believe traditional leaders are the fountain of their communities and the higher duty of serving all people regardless of political affiliation. The current system has disrespected the role of chiefs to the detriment of the authority bestowed on them by ancestors and forebears.”

“We believe that a national database and electronic family trees of chiefs should be kept in order to avoid disputes and political manipulation in succession matters.

“All legitimate chiefs and village heads should be on the payroll of Government and enjoy minimum benefits, including perks such as vehicles to enable them to serve their people.”

However, the Ministry of Local Government already has the said database and keeps all the information on traditional leaders and their families.

Also, Government has addressed the issue of vehicles and allowances for traditional leaders.

The APA government is also singing from the same Zanu-PF hymn book on the issue of re-engagement with the international community.

“The International Monetary Fund was emphatic in its conclusion in the early 2017 that Zimbabwe is in debt distress. Its staff asset, the adoption of an ambitious set of policies is essential if Zimbabwe is to emerge from its current difficulties. Sharp fiscal adjustments and bold structural reforms are necessary to this end,” said Dr Moyo.

“Furthermore, external support and debt relief from the international community must be part of the strategy.

“Supported by a robust reform program, the envisaged re-engagement process could bear fruit and restore growth and stability.”

The party fielded only 16 parliamentary candidates in the coming elections. Dr Moyo believes that if elected into office, independent candidates and other political parties will support him due to his vision.

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