NEW: Sungura musician Mudhindo bounces back after a decade

15 May, 2024 - 16:05 0 Views
NEW: Sungura musician Mudhindo bounces back after a decade

The Sunday Mail

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KWEKWE-based Sungura musician, Ronnie Mudhindo, has resurfaced with a new album after a 11-year hiatus.

The new album is titled “Zvambu Technology”, with nine tracks namely “Achata”, “Ndineutano”, “Kana Wamuda”, “Punyaira”, “Zimhofu Ziguru”, “Mudiwa Wangu”, “Vabereki”, “Vazvamburi Vauya” and “Vanotivenga”.

With the new project, Ronnie now has six albums under his belt.

He produced “Zvipere Zvipere” in 2013 before crossing the border to South Africa as he sought greener pastures.

Since then, he has not released any music as he focused on his career as a truck driver.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail Online, the Orchestra Vazvamburi front-man said he had sourced enough funds to sponsor his new album.

“When I was in South Africa I managed to source enough funds for my new project,” he said. “I promise my fans that the album will be released in June without fail.”

The album is a mixed bag of Sungura, Zimdancehall, Afro-fusion and Amapiano.

“This time I have come up with a plan to mix genres so that I can capture many fans from different genres, not only Sungura,” he said.

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