NEW: Zimbabwean filmmaker eyes big projects 

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NEW: Zimbabwean filmmaker eyes big projects 

The Sunday Mail

Online Reporter 

SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean filmmaker Innocent Madanha, popularly known as ‘Inuh Tee’, has unveiled his new projects.

Inuh Tee, who rose to fame after his video for Jah Bless titled ‘Jah bless’ rocked the music streets of Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

Inuh Tee grew up in Mufakose, and moved to South Africa in 2016, where he re-discover his talent in film production. 

He flirted with the filming industry whilst he was in Zimbabwe, but he did not take it seriously, until he crossed the Limpopo river. 

“I started in Zimbabwe, but I did not take it very seriously but when I arrived in South Africa, I then took it very seriously,” he told The Sunday Mail Online. 

To date, Inuh Tee has over 58 video films under his belt, and this year he has already unveiled 20 new videos. 

“This year I have already unveiled 20 videos here in Cape Town, and we are still in the process to release more films,” said Inuh Tee. 

He has worked with many prominent artists including King Mas from Jamaica, and Albooby from the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Inuh Tee also revealed that he ditched his job in the Supermarket in Cape Town to pursue his career in the film industry. 

He says it’s a move he does not regret. 

“I ditched a job in the supermarket as a till operator, and pursued my career in the film industry. I will never regret that move because I’m earning a good living through that,” he said. 

The filmmaker is planning to extend his works to his home country, and is targeting to complete his recording and filming studio in Harare this year.

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