NEW: West must never give lessons on democracy: Palestine Ambassador 

15 May, 2024 - 14:05 0 Views
NEW: West must never give lessons on democracy: Palestine Ambassador 

The Sunday Mail

Zimpapers Political Hub

PALESTINE’s chief envoy to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Tamer Almassri, says the West has no right to lecture other countries on democracy as it is complicit in the killing of innocent civilians in Gaza.

As of Tuesday, more than 35 000 Palestinians had been killed in Gaza, many of them women and children, since October 7 when Israel invaded Palestine.

Last week, Israel further escalated the situation by commencing its ground offensive on Rafah, in the southernmost tip of Gaza.

The United Nations says close to half a million Palestinians had been displaced.

In an interview with the Zimpapers Political Hub, Ambassador Almassri said Israel had to date destroyed over 90 percent of the Gaza Strip, something he said was unacceptable under international law.

“How can big powers, the ‘real democratic’ countries, not speak about human rights, democracy and freedom of speech in this case?” he asked.

“They are sweeping all these principles under their feet when it comes to Palestine. If you pay attention, what is happening in the Gaza Strip will soon shape international diplomacy and international politics, with Gaza as a starting point.

“From now on, in this open world of social media, it will not be easy for them to give us new lessons about democracy.”


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